About FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants (FFIC) is a global leader in the development and supply of novel, high performance colorants and aqueous inkjet inks that are enabling new possibilities in digital print.
Based on more than two decades of innovation and superior service, our products are custom designed to meet the demanding needs of many market applications. 

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants (FFIC) is a global leader in the development and supply of innovative, high performance products that have – and continue – to enable new possibilities in digital printing markets and other specialty applications.

The business was formed in February 2006 following the acquisition of Avecia’s Electronic Materials business by FUJIFILM. Our global reputation and market leading position is based on:

  • a rich heritage in color and polymer chemistry (ICI, Zeneca & Avecia)
  • an enviable track record of product innovation spanning two decades
  • a broad range of high performance products
  • unique proprietary technology
  • extensive development & manufacturing capabilities
  • a dedication to achieving the highest standards of customer service
  • comprehensive regulatory support

FFIC comprises two legal entities, FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Limited and FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants, Inc., and operates as a standalone organisation within the FUJIFILM Industrial Products Group. It employs more than 250 people across three principal sites:

    The business was formed in the mid 1980’s when inkjet printing was in its infancy and color technology was rapidly expanding into new and diverse areas. Today, technological developments continue to enable the rapid expansion of inkjet printing technology into many new applications areas.

    FFIC offers a diverse range of products custom designed for ink jet printing, laser printing and photocopying, high security markings and other specialty applications. We offer an unparalleled mix of critical mass, R&D expertise, unique proprietary technology and advanced manufacturing capabilities to support the needs of our customers across these diverse and expanding market sectors.

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants develops and manufactures an extensive range of ink jet colorants and ink, chemically produced toners and infrared absorbers that are used in an expansive range of digital printing, security markings and other specialty applications.

With a rich heritage in color chemistry, an enviable track record of product innovation and unparalleled development and large scale manufacturing capabilities, you can be assured of world class, high performance products and service from a global leader.

Our products cover an expansive range of applications:

At FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants, innovation and technological development are the foundations of our business. With over two decades of recognised innovation in colorant development, our new product development teams are vastly experienced in bringing new products to market and delivering the innovative breakthroughs that are enabling new possibilities in digital printing.

Our Research Centre in Manchester, England brings together a highly experienced team of scientists with core competencies in the fields of organic chemistry, resin/ polymer chemistry and application science.

Excellent teamwork between our technical and commercial groups – and close collaboration with our customers – drives the leading edge product development required for this fast changing and expanding market.

Our process development teams in the UK and USA also work in close collaboration to provide the flexibility, speed of response and high quality manufacturing standards that are key to satisfying rapidly developing industry needs.


With access to world leading product testing laboratories our highly experienced team of in-house regulatory specialists provide fully integrated, quality assured support for world-wide product registration.

Our global facilities operate to world class safety, health and environmental standards - a feature that has been recognised with external Safety Awards in the USA and UK.

With dual operations in the USA and UK, FFIC offers unparalleled product development and manufacturing capabilities dedicated to supporting the needs of our customers.

Our purpose built production facilities at Grangemouth in Scotland and New Castle, Delaware offer a unique combination of product development and scale up capabilities with significant economies of scale and capability  for further expansion as market demand dictates.





Manufacturing Capabilities at a glance:

  • High capacity, mixed asset base with vessels from 1 up to 60 m³ for routine colorant manufacture and full scale ink manufacture at 10s millions litres scale 
  • Dedicated assets for toner development and scale up at a variety of capacities for both development and commercial use (100s tonnes scale)
  • Proven rapid scale up capability to high volume manufacture
  • Rigorous compliance system across all operations
  • Globally managed supply chain
  • Meticulous attention to purity, insolubles, metals and salt content at each process stage
  • Robust quality assurance system applied at all colorant development stages


Home and small office printing have been the core of aqueous ink jet printing for more than 20 years. FFIC has been a leading supplier of colorants to these markets throughout this time, developing and supplying high performance dye-based liquids, with a range of properties – from enhanced color brightness, water fastness or photo durability through to all round performance combining aspects of each.


With the printing of photos by ink jet continuing to grow through its application into minilabs and kiosks, ensuring a quality photo image with high durability and longevity remains an essential requirement. FUJIFILM is a world leader in the invention and manufacture of high performance photo-specific dyes for ink jet printing ensuring leading edge properties in image durability aspects such as light and ozone fastness, retaining the all important color properties.

Wide format

The role of aqueous inks in wide format continues to expand, from more established applications such as graphic art proofing and technical document printing into the ink solvent and eco-solvent dominated markets such as signage and outdoor graphics using complex polymeric aqueous inks. Such a range of applications requires both dye and pigment based inks, with FFIC’s dye-based liquids well suited to the more established markets and our pigment dispersions ideally positioned to enable the more complex formulation challenges for the newly emerging applications.


Even though ink jet technology continues to expand the boundaries of digital textile printing, correct colorant selection remains an essential consideration in ensuring excellent print quality, driven primarily by substrate choice. The unique stability of FFIC’s pigment dispersions provides a broad ink formulation window to enable the development of complex novel water-based pigment inks for textiles, as the market increasingly requires.

Commercial Print

Ink jet’s penetration into commercial print advances on a number of fronts. Whilst transactional printing by ink jet is driving forward primarily through the use of bright dye-based inks, complex pigment-based formulations are being used in higher end applications with less porous substrates. With both dye based liquids and unique pigment dispersions ideal for high throughput printing, FFIC has the products to enable the further growth in this substantial market.

Packaging & Labels

As ink jet plays a key role in the emergence of digital print in the packaging and label printing markets, aqueous ink jet is increasingly being considered a technical option alongside UV Cure inks.

With both dye based liquids and unique pigment dispersions ideal for such high throughput applications, FFIC has the products to enable further growth in these largely untapped fields.

With a focus on innovation, technological development and high quality manufacturing, the knowledge and skills of our people are the foundations of our success – that’s why we are committed to the ongoing development of all our people.

If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in a science-based  environment and you feel you have the knowledge and skills to succeed, then we’d like to hear from you.

How to Apply

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