FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants

Pro-Color™ Chemically Produced Toners

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants (FFIC) is a leading independent supplier of coloured chemical toners for the laser printer and photocopier markets. Designed using  advanced chemical toner technology, our range of Pro-Color™ toners offer OEMs, remanufacturers and end-users the potential to reduce printing costs and improve print quality.

Coloring the future of digital print

Developed from strong in-house expertise in resin technology, colorants and non-impact printing FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants’ advanced chemical toner technology offers a highly flexible process for different toner design.

Using our extensive technical resource and development capabilities, we offer customers base or formulated toners to meet specific printer or copier requirements for the electrophotographic industry.

Reduced Printing costs:

  • Maximal number of prints per kg of toner (i.e. less waste)
  • Simplicity of machine design (e.g. oil-less fusion, cleaner-less system)
  • Lower energy costs

Improved print quality:

  • High image resolution
  • High transparency
  • Uniform area coverage
  • Consistent and reproducible color
  • Stability across a print run
  • Wide color gamut potential
  • Ability to print on different substrates

Advanced chemical toner technology

Chemical (or polymerised) toners/  Chemically Produced Toners offer exciting possibilities to the laser printing and digital copying industry.

Our range of Pro-Color™ polymerised toners are manufactured using a proprietary aggregation process which generates particles of a defined size and shape, avoiding the melt-extrusion, grinding and classification steps involved in conventional toner manufacture. This highly flexible process allows control over a range of properties, enabling toners to be designed to meet many different machine requirements.

Properties and Technical Features:

  • Control over mean particle size from 5 ->10 microns
  • Narrow particle size distributions
  • Control over particle shape (from irregular to spherical)
  • Cyan, magenta, yellow and black toners available
  • Melt rheology that can be targeted to customer requirements
  • Excellent transparency for color toners
  • Ability to achieve oil-less fusion via wax inclusion