FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants

Pro-Jet™ Aqueous Pigment Dispersions

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorant’s unique Reactive Dispersant (RxD™) technology is driving development of a new range of Pro-Jet™ aqueous pigment dispersions. Initially designed for exceptional performance on plain, pre-coated or treated papers, this new range of products also have broad applicability as high stability, general purpose dispersions for a wide variety of substrates.

Coloring the future of digital print

With outstanding pigment dispersion performance, our range of Pro-JetAqueous Pigment Dispersions addresses the high performance   requirements of aqueous ink formulators for new and existing market sectors  including, high speed office printing, photography, commercial printing, labels,  packaging, textiles and wide format graphics.

Technology - Features:

  • Excellent optical density across a wide range of media
  • Outstanding print durability
  • Superior stability in aqueous-based inks
  • Excellent colloidal stability accepting high co-solvent concentrations
  • Broad printhead compatibility

Technology - Benefits:

  • Excellent print performance
  • Paper focused inks with less or no additional binder
  • Broadening of aqueous ink formulation window (e.g. for higher reliability or challenging applications)
  • Print technology platform flexibility
  • Consistent, reliable and high purity dispersions

  Reactive Dispersant Technology

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants’ proprietary reactive pigment dispersant technology is delivering a step change in pigment dispersion performance for aqueous ink formulators.

The unique stability of our new range of Pro-Jet™ aqueous pigment dispersions broadens ink formulation flexibility enabling aqueous ink development to approach new performance parameters.

Pigment dispersion stability is achieved by covalent cross linking of the dispersants whilst on the surface of the pigment to create a robust polymer shell, entrapping each pigment particle.


Our range of Pro-Jet™ aqueous pigment dispersions has excellent compatibility with a wide variety of ink co-solvents, accepting higher concentrations whilst maintaining ink stability.

Significant polymeric development within FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants in recent years has optimized dispersion components to deliver this new and innovative range of Pro-Jet™ aqueous pigment dispersions, specifically designed for the next generation of pigment-based aqueous inkjet inks.