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Fujifilm presents new and updated mammography solutions at ECR 2014


Fitsweet - adaptive compression paddle

Fitsweet - adaptive compression paddle

AMULET Innovality digital mammography system

AMULET Innovality digital mammography system

Europe Medical Systems Division will highlight its new ‘S-View’ imaging capability, the latest addition to its growing portfolio of advanced mammography solutions at the 20th annual European congress of Radiology (ECR) which will be held from 7 to 10 March in Vienna, Austria. ‘S-View’ is an advanced image processing algorithm for the rendering of synthesized 2D mammographic images from a tomosynthesis data set, designed for use with the AMULET Innovality digital mammography system.

The ‘S-View’ image processing capacity can be used to create a synthesized 2D image from data acquired in either of the 2 modes of Tomosynthesis imaging available on the AMULET Innovality. “This new image processing technology allows the radiologist to assess the general architecture of the breast in much the same way as with routine mammographic imaging without the need to expose the patient to additional radiation” said Andrea Zola, Marketing Manager, FUJIFILM Italy. The ‘S-View’ image is intended as an additional diagnostic tool to be used alongside tomosynthesis slice images to aid in image interpretation and allow for correlation of structures seen in tomosynthesis imaging to a more familiar 2D image representation. The addition of ‘S-View’ processing further adds to Fujifilm’s already comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools for mammography; including 3D stereoscopic digital mammography, both 15 and 40 degree tomosynthesis imaging, biopsy examinations and routine digital mammography.

Fujifilm is also demonstrating its ‘Fitsweet’ adaptive compression paddle. This unique compression paddle flexes and conforms to the shape of the breast as compression is applied, ensuring a more even distribution of pressure to reduce patient discomfort while holding the breast securely and ensuring the tissue is adequately separated.

To further optimize the ergonomics of its AMULET series of digital mammography equipment Fujifilm is also showing a new height adjustable operator control desk. Designed by a German award winning Start-up Company, this newly designed table combines a modern look and feel with ergonomic features such a height adjustment at the push of a button to suit each user’s needs. 

In conjunction with these new developments Fujifilm is also releasing its ‘Axon Mammo’ review workstation for use in mammographic reporting. With advanced image visualisation tools such as quadrant view and user-specific mammographic viewing protocols, the Axon Mammo workstation offers a streamlined reporting workflow that can be customized according to user preference.


  • The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo B, Booth Nr. 209. 
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