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FUJIFILM UK launches X Signature customised designs

Available immediately, the X Signature service offers consumers the ability to personalise their existing X series camera in a choice of colourful and textured leathers.


Black X-E1 with Deep Pink Lizard

Black X-E1 with Deep Pink Lizard

Silver X20 with Navy Blue Crinkle

Silver X20 with Navy Blue Crinkle

Silver X-E1 with Light Green Lizard

Silver X-E1 with Light Green Lizard

X-Pro1 with Burnt Orange

X-Pro1 with Burnt Orange

X100 with Red Lizard

X100 with Red Lizard

FUJIFILM UK is pleased to announce the launch of its new X Signature customisation service for X series cameras.

Visit the official Fujifilm X Signature website 

Orders can be placed at Fujifilm’s X Signature website and there is a 2 week turnaround on orders. The process involves sending your camera to Fujifilm in pre-paid packaging that will be sent to you. This will not affect your warranty as the service is carried out by Fujifilm’s Service Centre, and you will have the added benefit of a free check and clean of your product. It'll be returned in an X Signature box with your chosen skin applied.

The X Signature service is currently available on the following models: X-Pro1, X-E1, X100, X20, X10 and will shortly also be offered on the X-E2 and X100S.

This service is also available on new cameras. The cost is £129.99 to re-skin your existing camera, or £99.99 if you order a new camera in an X Signature colour.

We’ll be adding new textures and colours regularly and also extending which models this is available on. Users can also sign up to be notified when new products and skin colour/texture combinations become available


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Available now – personalise your X series camera in our range of X Signature colours via the official Fujifilm UK shop.

The cost is £129.99 to re-skin your existing camera, or £99.99 if you purchase a new camera in an exclusive X Signature colour.


Click here to view high resolution images of the X signature products

For UK MEDIA ENQUIRIES please contact:

FUJIFILM UK Digital Camera Press Office
Tel: 01234 572101

For UK CONSUMER ENQUIRIES please contact:

FUJIFILM UK Digital Camera Customer Service
Tel: 0844 553 2322


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