More Creative Photography for You

With Individual Shutter 3D Shooting, you can make two shots of the same subjects from different positions. For creative needs, various shooting options and functions are available.

NEW 3D shooting with Individual Shutter 3D

Fujifilm brings high-quality 3D photography to compact cameras with an innovative two-shot system. Just shoot the subject from one position, and then use the display overlay as a guide for taking the second shot from a different angle. FinePix F750EXR does the rest all in camera.

You can view MPO-format image data on a compatible PC, share your results as a 3D-Print, or display it on the 3D Fujifilm REAL 3D V3 digital viewer.

Multiple exposures

Multiple exposure function lets you superimpose two different exposures in a single frame to create artful, one-of-a-kind photos.

Motion Panorama 360

Sweep the camera side-to-side (or up-and-down) to record giant panoramic images, taking in angles up to 360°. Create impressive prints or work with ‘seamless’ panoramic images, where both ends are stitched together to form a cylinder view.

Motion Panorama microsite »

Super Intelligent Flash

(Left) Conventional Digital Camera (Right) FinePix F750EXR
  • Conventional digital camera
  • FinePix F750EXR

Avoid flash overexposure, even in close-up shots. Fuji’s new generation Super Intelligent Flash system ensures all subjects are captured in bright, clear detail – perfectly exposed every time.

Multi-frame shooting modes

Pro Focus mode with face detection

Emulate the out-of-focus backgrounds of DSLR portrait photograph using focus bracketing – a great approach to macro photography too. A single press of the shutter release first takes an exposure with focus locked on the main subject. Additional exposures are then recorded at different focus points.* The final result is a pin sharp subject against a soft, out-of-focus background.†

(Left) Conventional Digital Camera (Right) FinePix F750EXR
  • Conventional digital camera
  • FinePix F750EXR
  • * There must be sufficient distance between the subject and the background for this function to work properly.
  • † Except when focus bracketing is unable to produce sufficient defocus.

Advanced Pro Low-light Mode

Ideal for shooting non-moving subjects in low light, this mode automatically takes a series of four high-sensitivity & low-noise exposures and then combines them into an image with less noise than the single exposures.

Film Simulation mode

Simulate the distinctive look of five different types of film. The F750EXR’s film-simulation modes are modelled on Fujifilm brands loved by photographers the world over. Each breathes new life into your photography, lending a distinctive look and feel to a picture.

PROVIA / standard mode

A powerful mode for any subject: PROVIA is trusted by professional photographers to produce natural colours and tones.

Velvia / Vivid mode

Velvia is well known amongst travel and landscape photographers for its powerful, punchy colour saturation, as well as its fine grain and sharpness.

ASTIA / Soft mode

ASTIA reproduces colours in a more natural, muted fashion – great for accurate skin tones in portraiture.

Black & white mode

Create amazing fine-art imaged with the dramatic honesty of monochrome photography.

Sepia mode

Shoot pictures that have a sense of nostalgia, reproducing the warmth of sepia toning.

Face recognition

The FinePix F750EXR not only detects faces in the frame but also recognises who is who. Register up to eight people and the F750EXR will bring up there names when they are photographed, as well as prioritising exposure and focus to their faces.

In playback mode face the F750EXR allows you to search for photographs containing specific friends and family. Sort through massive libraries of pictures for just the ones you want.

Dog and cat detection

The FinePix F750EXR is able to detect dog and cat faces, optimising exposure for your pet photographs. An auto-release function triggers the shutter automatically when you pet is looking at the camera.

  • * Up to 10 dog or cat faces per photo. Cannot detect faces in profile. Cannot detect faces in scenes with both dogs and cats.

Bracketing functions

Film simulation bracketing

A single press of the shutter release produces three version of the same image in different film simulation modes: PROVIA, Velvia and ASTIA.

AE bracketing

Continuous capture of three frames with different exposures, varying by up to ±1.0 stops.

Dynamic range bracketing

Capture images at three different dynamic range settings: 100%, 200% and 400%.

(Left) 100% (Center) 200% (Right) 400%
  • 100%
  • 200%
  • 400%

New Face Tracking Autofocus

Face Tracking AF is a blend of the F750EXR’s Face Detection and Tracking AF capabilities. When photographing a person, simply keep them in the frame and the camera will detect their face and track it around the frame. Focus is continuously adjusting to ensure your subject is kept perfectly in focus, no matter where they move.

Photos with face Tracking AF

No matter how quickly or erratically your subject moves around the frame, The FinePix F750EXR’s Face Tracking Autofocus ensures great results.

Full-HD movies with Face Tracking AF

Face Tracking AF also operates when the F750EXR is in Full-HD movie mode. Children and adults are tracked as they move around the frame, even if they turn away from the camera momentarily.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.
  • * Depending on the scene conditions, face detection performance may vary.