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FUJIFILM announces new POD solution for PhotoBooks

Düsseldorf, Germany, June 2, 2008 – FUJIFILM today announces the introduction of a new POD solution combining FUJIFILM colour management technologies, Xerox POD colour production hardware and IP Labs GmbH online photo services at drupa 2008.

Since 1997, IP Labs GmbH (acquired by FUJIFILM in January 2008) has been developing online photo service systems utilising its own unique technologies. The IP Labs systems have two distinct advantages. Firstly, they are extremely user-friendly and enable a variety of products to be easily ordered. Secondly, the systems are easily customizable. These advantages have resulted in the IP Labs systems being used in many photo labs and photo chain stores all over the world and especially in Europe.

At drupa 2008, FUJIFILM is combining these online technologies with POD solutions from Xerox Corporation and it´s own colour management and integrated workflow software, to create sophisticated photo production solutions for this fast growing market. In particular, FUJIFILM´s Image IntelligenceTM technology*1 is being used to help manage colour production and is able to improve the output quality from Xerox POD devices *2.

These solutions will enable printing companies traditionally operating outside this market to take advantage of a potential new revenue stream by offering digital print solutions to complement their existing production.

FUJIFILM will continue to expand these technologies in the graphic arts market and help commercial printers maximise the opportunities presented by these new digital solutions.

*1 FUJIFILM software technology that analyses a digital image (for both photographic quality and content) and intelligently optimises the image to suit the original intent and output process.

*2 The electric photocopying process with static electricity (Xerography).
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