FUJIFILM ANNOUNCES THE DEVELOPMENT of “Backlit Display Material for Inkjet Printers”

“Backlit Display Material for Inkjet Printers” Offers Commercial Photofinishers Enhanced Capabilities for Expanded Business Growth

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the development of its new “Backlit Display Material for Inkjet Printers”, an innovative PET FILM for use with UV inkjet printers that has multiple functions for shortening post processes.

Commercial photofinishers have traditionally used silver halide to produce backlit type signboards. Recently, commercial photofinishers have been installing UV inkjet printers to respond to client needs such as DAY/NIGHT prints that retain advertising effectiveness in all lighting conditions.

Users of existing types of display films for inkjet printers have long experienced handling difficulties such as scratching of roll media, static electricity causing dust sticking, and scattering ink mist. In addition, in the case of processing matte lamination, it has been a problem that the display material can not meet use of large format sign display because the way of joint work of many films have not been established.

Fujifilm introduces “Backlit Display Material for Inkjet Printers”, which enables users to get increased scratch resistance with its hard coat and antistatic properties to prevent dust from sticking. “Backlit Display Material for Inkjet Printers” has a 2,100 mm width lineup to meet wide format sign display requests. In addition, commercial photofinishers can eliminate the matte lamination process in post processes because of the semi-matte surface of “Backlit Display Material for Inkjet Printers”, which is Fujifilm’s unique technology. These features reduce both post processes and costs. Fujifilm also has a 1,620 mm width lineup available that allows printing up to a print size of B0 for increased productivity.

The Backlit Display Material for Inkjet Printers will be available in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Main features:
  • Two size line-up: 2,100 mm × 50 M, and 1,620 mm × 30 M
  • Semi-matte surface eliminates matte lamination process in post processes.
  • Antistatic function suppresses static electricity during transfer process and relieves dust sticking, scattering ink mist.
  • Scratch resistance prevents scratches caused by friction between printer and media.
  • Over 2,000 mm width line-up increases productivity by eliminating joint work when customers make a large format sign display.
  • 250 μm thickness increases productivity in set up operation.

Fujifilm has been contributing to developing and providing a variety of products for the sign display industry such as the UV inkjet printer “Acuity LED 1600” and UV ink for inkjet printers. Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide innovative products to the sign display industry to further expand the field of imaging.  
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