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Fujifilm exhibits a diverse array of new products and services at Photokina 2012

PHOTOKINA 2012, COLOGNE, GERMANY, September 18, 2012—FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce that it is exhibiting a wide range of new products and services at Photokina 2012, the world’s leading imaging fair, held in Cologne, Germany, from September 18–23, 2012.


Fujifilm’s slogan for this year’s Photokina is “Photography. Unlimited.”—a slogan that encapsulates Fujifilm’s ability to offer a diverse array of exciting products and services made possible by the company’s proprietary, leading-edge and innovative technologies. The slogan also reflects the unlimited potential of photography to provide such value-added benefits as convenience, diversity and fun, and the ability of photos to enhance people’s lives.

In recent years, the enjoyment of photography has undergone further rapid expansion with the development of various new digital technologies. Along with the dramatic rise in the number of people using smartphones and other mobile devices to take photographs and share these on social networking sites, there has also been an increase in the amount of people who demand the highest possible quality throughout the entire photographic process. Fujifilm, a company that prides itself on understanding the real value of photography, is delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate a wide range of products, services and solutions that respond to these increasingly diversifying customer requirements, from the input through to the output process.


Exhibition Concept

At Photokina 2012, the Fujifilm booth is divided into three large areas—the Professional Area, the Consumer Area and the Retailers Area, each of which displays a wide range of Fujifilm’s latest products and services aimed specifically at visitors to these areas.


Professional Area

The Premium Camera X-series Corner

Visitors to this corner have the opportunity to experience firsthand the X-Pro1, which won prestigious Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) and European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) awards this year, along with the X100, X10 and X-S1 camera models and the second premium interchangeable lens camera, the X-E1. The X-E1 is a premium mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that achieves outstandingly high image quality usually found with a full size sensor. It is equipped with Fujifilm’s proprietary X-Trans CMOS sensor and realizes exceptional resolution, color reproduction and very low-level noise even at high ISO. The X-E1 is also fitted with a high-definition, high luminance 2.36-megapixel organic EL electronic viewfinder. The newly developed focusing algorithm on the EXR Processor Pro achieves a major leap forward in both AF speed and precision performance. With the new 18-55mm Zoom Lens, the X-E1 brings photographic subjects into sharp focus in as little as 0.1 seconds. The X-E1 is an extremely compact, user-friendly camera, stylishly designed and available in either a sophisticated black or silver finish. In addition, the visitors to the X-Pro1 and X-E1 Experience Corner will also be able to try and see for themselves the various features possible for images taken with the FUJINON XF lenses and the M Mount lenses.

The Power of XF Lenses

On display at this corner, and available for public viewing for the very first time, are ten XF lenses including five that are still currently under development, along with an 18-55mm zoom lens and a 14mm lens. The five lenses currently under development are scheduled for release in 2013, while the 18-55mm zoom lens and the 14mm lens are expected to go on sale this coming autumn. Visitors are able to view Fujifilm’s exciting lineup and the host of attractions available with XF lenses—compact sizes, bright f-values, and outstanding image resolution and power of photographic expression. At the adjacent Technology Corner, Fujifilm’s proprietary optic design technologies and outstanding production technologies that utilize XF lenses further augment the wide variety of exhibits on display.

Fujinon “Professional’s Choice” Lenses

This corner features a wide range of Fujinon lenses used in advertising photography, TV broadcasts, motion pictures and other professional fields.

Technologies utilized by professionals are widely applied for consumer products, and visitors to this corner have the rare opportunity to view a variety of lenses used in professional settings including the world’s most powerful 101× zoom broadcast lens.

Worldwide X Photographers’ Gallery

On display at this corner are eight super enlarged photographic works taken by eight internationally-renowned photographers and originally captured on the Fujifilm X series ―a huge favorite with the eight photographers. The enlargements measure an impressive 1.8 × 2.7 m and amply portray the overwhelming power of expression and quality of enlarged prints. We are certain that the enlargements will serve as an inspiration to both professional and advanced amateur photographers alike who constantly seek to create their own photographic expressions.

Fine Art Photography with the X-Series

With the key phrase “Photographic Artwork with the X-series,” this corner exhibits photographic works that reveal the worlds of four leading international photographers active in the artistic and advertising fields. This exhibition brings together four photographers—each a prominent player in his own particular genre—under a common theme, and provides visitors with an unprecedented opportunity to experience the very latest, cutting-edge photographic expressions. After its debut at Photokina, this exhibition is scheduled to go on display at major cities in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Featured photographers

  • Stephen Shore

  • William Eggleston

  • Nan Goldin

  • Ryan McGinley

Professional Paper

This corner showcases the world’s widest range of high-quality professional photographic paper for various input sources such as those from the X-series of digital cameras, and the Velvia and Provia reversal films. Fujiflex, Fujitrans and Fujiclear are among the professional photographic papers that clearly display the outstanding performance of Fujifilm’s professional color papers and display materials.


Special Stages

Photographers’ Stage

On a specially erected stage in the Fujifilm booth, a series of discussions available for the public to attend will take place on Fujifilm’s X-series of digital cameras. Participants include several globally-renowned photographers active in the fields of documentary, commercial and fashion photography, and the star guest is Gueorgui Pinkhassov, a member of the world-famous Magnum Photos cooperative. Each guest speaker will introduce a number of photographic works taken with X-series cameras, and relate his/her own personal impressions of the cameras. In addition, various photographers will hold workshops on the benefits of the premium interchangeable lens cameras, the X-Pro1 and the X-E1.

Featured photographers (scheduled)

  • Gueorgui Pinkhassov

  • Andrea Klarin

  • Zack Arias

  • Ken Miller

  • Harald Schmitt

  • Bernd Ritschel

  • Robin Preston

  • Piet van den Eynde

  • Peter Hawk

Printing Stage

This stage is dedicated to demonstrations of the long-term joy and benefits that can be derived by ensuring that those special moments in one’s life are kept forever in print form.

Demonstrations showcase Fujifilm’s exciting and diverse lineup of products, services and technologies. The premium “Photobook brilliant” is one of the stars of the Photobook lineup offering a professional print quality with silver halide photographic paper. Demonstrations of the high-end Photobook products are complemented with explanations on how easily and quickly customers can order and receive photo specialty products with Fujifilm’s latest on-site Phaser solution.

Also on display is the instax system with presentations on the fun and enjoyment of capturing and instantly sharing photos, which has proved particularly popular among members of the younger generation.

This stage will also hold demonstrations of Fujifilm’s Image Organizer Technology, which significantly simplifies the process of creating Photobooks. The Image Organizer Technology is installed in a Kiosk system or online software to assist users to easily select the best shots from the enormous numbers of images stored on personal computers or online storage services.


Consumer Area

FinePix Corner

The main feature is the Touch and Try Corner where visitors are able to experience firsthand the attractions of the full lineup of Fujifilm’s FinePix series of digital cameras.

Attractions include:

  • the X-S1, FinePix HS30EXR, S4500, SL300 series of premium long zoom cameras that require no lens changing and are installed with an electronic viewfinder bridge.

  • the FinePix F800EXR and Z1100EXR models which are equipped with a wireless image transfer function that enables easy transfer of images to smartphones and other mobile devices.

  • the waterproof and dustproof, tough and durable FinePix XP170、XP150、XP50 models.

  • the FinePix REAL 3D W3 which is the only 3D digital camera in the world able to take both still photos and movies, and the 7.2-type, 3D/2D dual-purpose FinePix REAL 3D V3 digital photo frame.

Printing Service Corner

Visitors to this corner are able to experience a vast array of high-quality printing services made possible with the wide range of silver halide, inkjet, Xerography and dye sublimation systems that only Fujifilm is able to offer.

Attractions include:

The Photobook Experience

  • A5-sized Photobooks printed on the Frontier LP5700R—the optimal quality silver halide printing service.

  • A5-sized Photobooks printed on the Frontier Dry Minilab DL600 from mobile devices.

  • A4-sized Photobooks printed on the Xerox Phaser® 6270 Photobook Printer.

  • The Collage Print and Mobile Device Experience—a great way to create Collage Prints using mobile devices.

  • The Canvas Print Experience—inkjet printed photos stretched and displayed on an attractive canvas background complete with photo frame.

Image Organizer (reference exhibit)

Developed with Fujifilm’s proprietary imaging technologies, the Image Organizer, makes creating your own Photobook simpler than ever before. Image Organizer features an Image Selection Support Function to simplify the complicated operations involved in selecting images, and an Automatic Layout Function that makes layout processes for Photobooks easier and more efficient.

Photo Product Partner Program “P4”

FUJIFILM Corporation and Foglio Inc. are pleased to jointly display the Photo Product Partner Program “P4”, a new printing platform for mobile application developers. The program offers a Software Development Kit, which enables developers to create mobile applications that can access Fujifilm’s print services. This program also provides rewards for sales made through the applications.

CLP Album Paper Photobook and Photo Specialty Products Corner

This corner features the wide range of Fujilfilm’s popular Photobook products and services, including silver halide and inkjet. Also on display is the next-generation Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album High Definition Paper, which is used in the production of Photobooks and is compatible with the full lineup of minilab printing equipment. The new paper also includes an advanced anti-blocking technology that has been developed especially for use in hot and humid conditions. It also retains the ‘Finger Print Protection’ technology originally introduced with the first-generation Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album High Definition Paper that greatly improves handling and subsequent long-term enjoyment of consumers’ Photobooks.

Complementing the exciting lineup of Photobook products is an array of other photo specialty products that further enhance the fun and enjoyment of photography, including greetings cards, calendars, T-shirts prints and canvas prints.

Instax Corner

The Instax Corner features extensive displays and demonstrations of the new instax mini 8 model. In addition to offering the user-friendly control functions, fun style and fantastic image quality of existing instax mini models, the instax mini 8 is available in five different colors—black, white, pink, blue and yellow. Choosing your camera has never been so much fun. The instax mini 8 also features a new high key mode that enables users to take brighter photos anytime, anywhere. Visitors to this corner are welcome to print out their own credit card sized photo prints as a souvenir of their visit to Photokina.

Photo Life Corner

This corner seeks to showcase the importance of saving the many memorable events and people that define a person’s life in prints—from the birth of a new baby and various stages of childhood through to high school and university experiences and marriage. Fujifilm is delighted to offer the optimal printing service to ensure all those important life occasions are captured forever in print.


Retailers Area

The Retailers Area features exciting displays and promotions of the extensive array of Fujifilm solutions that respond to increasingly sophisticated customer requirements and help retailers expand their businesses.

The Frontier Dry Minilab DL650 Pro

The Frontier Dry Minilab DL650 Pro offers a host of outstanding features in an inkjet minilab—a newly developed 6-color ink system for enhanced print quality and higher productivity, and production flexibility with the addition of various paper sizes and weights. Equipped with Natural Color Reproduction and Vivid Color Reproduction modes, the DL650 Pro offers two types of outstanding color reproduction functions.

In addition, Fujifilm has developed the new premium paper FUJIFILM Professional Dry Photo Paper (Glossy/Lustre) for professional use. This new paper boasts a thickness of approx. 280μm—the thickest paper used with the Frontier Dry Minilab—and is rapidly becoming the paper of choice for premium DSC prints, weddings, portraits and special event photography.

Xerox Phaser® 6270 Photobook Printer

The newly-developed Xerox Phaser® 6270 Photobook Printer features the borderless output function with a compact Xerography printer—jointly developed by Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox, and the first of its kind in the photo imaging industry. Retailers can now easily and instantly create borderless double-sided Photobook pages with the same outstanding quality as those created by wholesale labs providing retailers with the opportunity to offer higher grade photo specialty printing products.

The Xerox Phaser® 6270 Photobook Printer is the key printer used in this turnkey solution that combines the on-site ordering software “order-it lite” with a bookbinding device to provide such photo specialty services as Photobooks, calendars and greeting cards. The Xerox Phaser® 6270 Photobook Printer provides retailers the opportunity to offer quick and easy on-site photo services and can be installed with minimal initial investment.

Advanced Fujifilm Thermal Photo Printer ASK-300

The new ASK-300 dye-sublimation thermal printer features a Matte Printing mode for exceptional quality semi-gloss prints and a High Quality mode that creates beautiful, high-resolution prints. The ASK-300 is the optimal instant print service for ID photos, event photos and prints of photos taken on the rapidly increasing range of mobile devices.

Xerox Color 1000 Press

The Xerox Color 1000 Press delivers sharp, rich, digitally mastered image quality. The clear dry ink station adds impact to documents—running at rated speed. Fujifilm’s Automated Color Quality Suite of tools allows retailers to drive more on-site high quality jobs and reduce costs to suit customer requirements such as photo labs and high volume printing stores.

Xerox® and Phaser® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


Fujifilm is committed to continuing its development of new products and services and showcasing the unlimited potential of photography to enhance the fun and enjoyment of photos for people all over the world.

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