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Fujifilm launches full pre-press solution for newspaper printing at World Publishing Expo 2013

Fujifilm today announces that it will launch a new, complete plate making solution for newspaper printing at World Publishing Expo 2013 (Berlin, 7-9 October 2013). Based around the company’s leading Brillia PRO-VN low chemistry plate family designed for newspaper applications, this new solution will extend the company’s pre-press portfolio, as it includes a modular range of Fujifilm platesetters called Luxel News VMAX, and a powerful and scalable newspaper workflow, wNewsNet, thanks to a new partnership with wobe-team GmbH.

Today’s printers are under constant pressure to improve print quality, increase productivity, lower costs and boost environmental performance, which is why Fujifilm has focused on developing solutions that meet these combined challenges across every segment of the industry. For newspaper printing in particular, Fujifilm will showcase an advanced new pre-press system at World Publishing Expo 2013 that is being introduced to bring these benefits to newspaper plate production.

i) New ultra-fast, modular and reliable range of platesetters

The Luxel News VMAX is a 3rd generation violet CTP system developed to meet the rigorous demands of newspaper printing. Combining high quality plate production with a modular design, the system is fully scalable so that it can be upgraded and expanded in the field if requirements demand.  The main benefit of the Luxel News VMAX system, however, is its incredible speed. Taking advantage of the very latest imaging technologies and Fujifilm’s highly sensitive Brillia ‘lo-chem’ plates, the system is the fastest on the market, with the Luxel News VMAX 400 able to output up to 400 plates per hour at 1,270dpi in Berliner format.

The Luxel News VMAX is available in semi-automatic (VMAX SA) and fully automatic (VMAX FA) versions. Both are easy to operate, can handle a number of different plate formats, and can be installed online to a processor.

As the system is based around violet optics technology, it features remarkably low cost of ownership to ensure maximum value. This is further guaranteed through its ultra-high reliability and low risk of failure, and the ability to carry out remote diagnostics when required. All aspects of the system have been designed to be easy to use and as ‘plug and play’ as possible. It is straightforward to install with a processor, punch and bender, and it is compatible with existing MIS and workflow software.

ii) Intelligent workflow

wNewsNet is a powerful pre-press workflow designed specifically for newspaper production environments. Already in use by many newspaper publishers, it is scalable, modular and reliable, which allows newspaper workflows to be highly automated. Due to its modular nature, it is suitable for newspaper publishers of all sizes, and is fully featured for standard newspaper production, whether that is manual or automated.

The workflow features an easy to use and intuitive interface, with a single point of administration and central data storage, and the whole system can be enhanced by a powerful web-to-print solution to improve and add value to the publisher/customer relationship.

“We are very excited to be showcasing this new pre-press solution at World Publishing Expo,” comments Yasufumi Morimoto, Senior Vice President of the Graphic Systems Division at Fujifilm. “The newspaper market has always been strategically important to Fujifilm, and the addition of this system, built around our renowned Brillia ‘lo-chem’ plate technologies, will allow us to offer a broader range of solutions to meet the needs of newspaper printers.”

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