Fujifilm Crystal Archive Album HD Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album High Definition Paper is the first glossy photo album paper in the world based on silver halide technology. The Album High Definition paper meets the demands of consumers who want to experience high quality photobooks. This paper incorporates the high definition silver halide emulsion technology which delivers enhanced color reproduction, white purity and excellent image stability with a smooth high glossy finish. The specific protective layer results in outstanding fingerprint protection and can be viewed with a brilliance as never before. The Album HD Paper is specially designed as a premium photobook product and adds a premium range to our existing Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper product range.

Product features:

  • Glossy surface for a brilliant appearance

  • Additional protective layer which makes the glossy surface less sticky and less fingerprint sensitive.

  • Optimal designed thickness properties for smooth paper handling

  • Extra vivid color reproduction, wider color range

  • Enhanced brilliant white and deeper blacks

  • Excellent image stability