Fujitrans Display Material

Fujitransdisplay material is a translucent silver halide color print material on a white PET base. It is designed for the production of backlit color display prints. It is suitable backlit displays even without built in diffuser.

Fujitrans display material for digital printers is a white translucent base color print material for use in the production of translucent color display prints. When exposed on laser printers or other digital printing devices, this material can be used to produce high-quality translucent color prints of digital image data. It offers an extremely wide range of gradation setup and creates images with rich saturation across the entire color spectrum, with improved reproduction of details over a larger area. FUJITRANS is suitable for a wide range of backlit displays uses in sizes from small to large, such as advertising, publicity, and indoor decoration.


  • Increased whiteness 
  • Very high maximum density, uniform deep blacks
  • Wide color gamut for vibrant color reproduction
  • Exceptional sharpness
  • Neutral grey Balance
  • Excellent latent image stability
  • * Translucent, white Polyester (PET) base