ColoAssist Adjust

ColoAssist Adjust has been specifically developed for the 700 series colonoscopes. It features innovative advanced force transmission and adaptive bending, as well as different levels of stiffness for improved manoeuvrability and more patient comfort. EC-760R and EC-760ZP are equipped with ColoAssist Adjust.

Flexibility Adjuster

The stiffness of the flexible portion of the scope can be easily adjusted according to your preference. This is helpful when inserting the scope into segments such as the sigmoid colon and the transverse colon where the endoscope can more smoothly follow the intestinal tract.



Advanced Force Transmission

The flexible portion is designed to transmit the pushing, pulling and rotating movements from the hand to the distal end of the endoscope, which provides enhanced manoeuvrability inside the digestive tract.

Adaptive Bending

The end of the bending section is soft, allowing the scope to follow the natural contours of the intestinal tract. The flexible bending section has been designed to return more easily to its straight form after passing through the tight curves of the colon.