DICOM on-board

For perfect integration.

The EPX-4450HD video processor is the first endoscopic video processor with an integrated DICOM interface. It is capable of creating the level of security needed to meet the demands of growing hospital IT infrastructures – both today and in the future.




  • Seamless integration into the hospital network
  • Optimisation of the work process
  • No need to enter patient information on the processor
  • Automatic allocation of images with no risk of mixing up patient details

DICOM is the standard in hospitals.

When data is transferred via DICOM, a diagnostic system sends a modality worklist to the processor with the scheduled examinations. When the physician selects the current patient from the list, the recorded images are sent in DICOM format with the correct patient information to PACS or back to the diagnostic system. In this way, false entries are avoided and the overall workflow is optimised.

In combination with the SU-8000 endoscopic ultrasound processor and the EPX-4450HD video processor, Fujifilm’s DICOM solution offers an efficient procedure that will help you to concentrate on the matter in hand today and into the future.