Double balloon endoscopy

The endoscopic examination of the whole intestinum is an old dream of gastroenterology. With the standard endoscopy of the upper and lower intestinum it is only possible to examine the terminal ileum and upper small intestine.

Usually, 50 - 70 cm, in ideal case 90 cm of duodenum and jejunum could be examined by push enteroscopy. Quite recently, the biggest part of the 4-6 m measuring small intestine could only be presentable through methods of radiology and nuclear medicine.

Introducing capsule endoscopy, it was possible for the first time to get endoscopic pictures of the whole small intestinum. The known disadvantage of capsule endoscopy are missing controllability and possibility to get biopsies and the impossibility to make therapeutic encroachments.

Double balloon enteroscopy has conquered this limitation and has bridged the last gap of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy in the gastrointestinal tract.

Double balloon endoscopy

Unprecedented technology that is unique across the world.

In 2004 double-balloon endoscopy (DBE) allowed Fujifilm to turn a long-held dream into reality: the possibility of examining and treating the entire small intestine. The minimal-invasive examination of the entire small intestine using the double-balloon method is a milestone in the field of endoscopy


  • Globally unique ‘push and pull’ principle using two balloons

  • Simple and secure positioning of the endoscope in the small intestine

  • Fully fledged third-generation technology as offered by no other manufacturer

  • Used in hospitals around the world with success

New Therapeutic Double Balloon Endoscope


The new EN-580T is now added to Fujifilm’s line-up of double-balloon endoscopes which has greatly contributed to accurate diagnosis and treatment for diseases of the small intestine. Featuring a range of innovations it meets user’s needs for more accurate and efficient examinations and treatment.

  • A large forceps channel of 3.2 mm in diameter for efficient treatment
  • Superior image quality in close focus for more detailed diagnosis
  • Newly designed one-touch connector and relocated balloon air feed inlet for better operability