History of FUJINON Lens

FUJINON Corporation became the Fujifilm Optical Device Business Division as of July 1, 2010. As part of this transition, we have also redesigned the "FUJINON" logo. The new FUJINON brand logo will appear on all Optical Device Division products. With the consolidation of Fujifilm and FUJINON, we seek to accelerate the integration of FUJINON's long-accumulated optical technologies into Fujifilm's imaging and production technologies to enhance FUJINON's TV lens value through consolidation synergies, and to further expand our leadership in the TV lens business.

1962 Started the research and development for TV lens
1967 IF :First inner focus system for TV broadcasting zoom lens
1969 SuperEBC :Electron Beam Coating dramatically improved zoom lens performance.
1973 CaF2 : Adoption of calcium fluorite for correcting chromatic aberration for TV lens
1978 EXT :First built-in extender for ENG / EFP lens
1986 FS :Microcomputer digitally controlled inner floating lens group corrects field curvature and coma aberration for improved corner resolution.
1992 Vgrip :Adoption of the variable angle servo grip for ENG / EFP lens reduces wrist fatigue
1993 AT :Patented glass molding process for aspherical lens elements revolutionized TV zoom lens technology.
1994 Find :Computer controlled digital self diagnostics for Studio and Field lens for rapid trouble shooting and preventative maintenance of lens functions.
1995 Vformat :Ratio converter maintains proper field of view on switchable 16:9 4:3 format cameras.
1996 Received The Society of Operating Cameramen New Technology Award of the Emmy Award
AF :First auto-focus ENG / EFP lens for professional use
1997 AT2 :Improving on the optical performance mechanism and aspherical lenses
1998 DIGIPOWER :Utilization of Digital Technology provides control of zoom lens.
2000 QuickFrame For Your Best Shot :New zooming function for Quick Framing
2001 3D :Released first 3D lens
2002 HD CINE :HD CINE / First Cine Style Lens for digital cinema market
2003 PF :The latest focus assist system to support focus operation
2005 Recipient of the Emmy Award for Lens Technology Developments For Solid State Imagers For Camera In High Definition
2006 Universal Wide Angle lens :16x hybrid lens that supports both wide angle and tele requirements in one lens.
2008 Selected Series released
2009 Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development Fujinon Precision Focus Assist System. (Fujinon and NHK)
PL Mount :PL Mount / Released 35mm PL mount zoom lens used for both Film and Digital cinema cameras.
2011 PF Auto tracking system :Newly developed automated tracking system to keep the subject in focus anywhere in the frame using PF.
2012 PL Mount with drive unit :PL mount digital cinema zoom lens with drive unit released.