FUJIFILM: Photo realistic Image Quality with Acuity HD 2504

Acuity DH2504

Acuity DH2504

The Acuity HD 2504 offers the latest breakthrough in wide format UV digital imaging technology. Specifically designed for print applications requiring the finest detail, e.g. high resolution images, the Acuity HD 2504 delivers both rigid and flexible point-of- purchase, banners, posters, illuminated or rigid signage that holds up visually, even at extremely close viewing.

At Photokina 2008 Acuity HD 2504 is positioned within the framework of a broad line of systems for print output services. The combination of roll option and the new FUJIFILM Excellight backlitfilm provides photo realistic print results for viewing at night and daylight conditions. Acuity HD 2504 enables remarkable results comparable to conventional resolution of 1.440 dpi on numerous rigid and flexible media. The use of Sericol UVijet inks enables adhesion on normal digital printing material and dries without changes in colour tone.

At the heart of the Acuity HD 2504 is a new imaging technology that enables each printhead to produce variable size dots as opposed to traditional fixed-size droplets. The printer’s ability to jet droplets as fine as 6 picolitres produces sharp, precise images with smoother transitions and quarter tones: while jetting larger droplets up to 42 picolitres delivers denser, more uniform solid image areas. The result is image quality usually only seen at resolutions of 1.440 dpi or higher, with crisper, more legible type (as low as 6 pt), smoother skin tones, finer line detail, and the best solid colour coverage of any printer in its class.

In addition, variable drop technology uses up to 35 % less ink than fixed droplet, six colour printers. The Acuity HD 2504 offers incredible value and continues to do so throughout its production life.

After a five month evaluation of several RIP software applications, FUJIFILM Europe and FUJIFILM Sericol are pleased to add ColorGATE as a RIP solution for the new FUJIFILM Acuity HD2504 flatbed and roll feed UV Inkjet printer in the European market. The special FUJIFILM Edition of the ColorGATE Production Server RIP optimises the advanced features of the Acuity printer to produce top quality images. ColorGATE uses the latest software architecture to ensure that all the newest features and capabilities are incorporated. This makes it not only the perfect solution with the Acuity, but also ideal for other new printers in the pipeline and all the existing printers deploying FUJIFILM Sericol inks.

In recent years Fujifilm has strengthened its engagement on the industrial inkjet market remarkably. Acquisition and integration of industrial inkjet producer Sericol, consumer inkjet producer Avecia und finally of the world leading producer of inkjet print heads Dimatix have made sure that know-how and support in this growth market will now come from one hand, namely Fujifilm.


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