FUJIFILM brings Brillia HD PRO-V low-chemistry violet plate to market

Brillia HD PRO-V

Brillia HD PRO-V

FUJIFILM Europe today announces the commercial availability of Brillia HD PRO-V, a low-chemistry violet CTP plate. Brillia HD PRO-V brings the benefits of high quality, low-chemistry plate production to users of violet CTP systems, and is suitable for all commercial print applications.

Brillia HD PRO-V is the latest Fujifilm plate designed to simplify the pre-press process, as it uses less chemistry, requires less maintenance of the finishing unit and produces less waste than its processed alternatives. In addition, the replenisher normally required to control the pH or conductivity of the bath is no longer needed, as it is kept stable through a daily top-up of a few millilitres of pure water. Thanks to Fujifilm’s ‘high sensitivity polymerisation’ technology, Brillia HD PRO-V also brings unmatched quality, consistency and productivity to plate production, being capable of 1-99% resolutions (with a Fujifilm ``HD capable´´ platesetter), and able to print FM screens.

The Brillia HD PRO-V plate and associated finishing unit, together with Fujifilm’s Brillia HD LH-PJE plate and FLH-Z `ZAC´ processor, use considerably less chemistry than processed plate alternatives, with reductions of up to 75% typically being possible. As a result, Fujifilm has created a new plate classification called `low-chemistry´ (with a corresponding ``lo-chem´´ logo) that summarises clearly the benefits both of these solutions bring.

In line with Fujifilm’s long term strategy of offering choice, the Brillia HD range of CTP plates comprises both violet and thermal versions, with processed, low-chemistry and processless derivatives. The range is unique in that ALL plates are rated at 1-99% resolution, 200lpi and capable of printing 20 µm FM, and is the only range on the market capable of delivering consistently high quality irrespective of the plate used. Underpinned by a world-wide support infrastructure and plate manufacturing capability, Fujifilm has developed a platform to build on its position as the number one plate supplier in the market.

Brillia HD PRO-V specifications: - Sensitivity: 0.045-0.090mJ/cm² - Productivity: same as current conventional violet CTP plate, Brillia LP-NV - Compatibility: compatible with current violet platesetters - Resolution: 1-99% at AM 200lpi and FM (TAFFETA20) with Luxel V-8 HD and V-6 HD - Run length: up to 200,000 impressions (dependent on printing condition) - Ink/water balance: same as current conventional violet CTP plate, LP-NV

Düsseldorf, 09.06.2009


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