FUJIFILM brings Brillia PRO-VN low-chemistry violet newspaper plate to market

Brillia PRO-V

Brillia PRO-V

FUJIFILM Europe today announces the commercial availability of the Brillia PRO-VN plate, a low-chemistry violet CTP plate specifically developed for the newspaper market.

Brillia PRO-VN is one of the latest Fujifilm plates designed to simplify the pre- press process, as it uses less chemistry, requires less maintenance of the finishing unit and produces less waste than its processed alternatives. In addition, the replenisher normally required to control the pH or conductivity of the bath is no longer needed, as it is kept stable through a daily top-up of a few millilitres of pure water. Based on the same technologies as Fujifilm’s Brillia HD PRO-V low-chemistry violet plate for general commercial print applications, Brillia PRO-VN allows newspaper printers to drastically reduce chemistry usage.

Utilising Fujifilm’s `high sensitivity polymerisation´ technology, the Brillia PRO- VN newspaper plate enables newspaper printers to achieve the same levels of productivity with PRO-VN as those achieved with conventional processed violet CTP plates. In addition, Brillia PRO-VN benefits from Fujifilm’s patented MultiGrain technology which ensures optimum ink/water balance and advanced handling performance.

The launch of Brillia PRO-VN is part of wider strategy to introduce products that have a lower environmental impact, and further emphasises Fujifilm’s commitment to sustainability. In particular, the launch of Brillia PRO-VN means Fujifilm now offers one of the widest ranges of plate production solutions (low-chemistry and processless) dedicated to helping printers reduce their environmental footprint.

Brillia PRO-VN Specifications: - Sensitivity: 0.030 mJ/cm² - Productivity: same as current violet plate, Brillia LP-NNW - Compatibility: compatible with current conventional violet platesetters - Resolution: 2-98% at 1200dpi/100lpi - Run length: up to 200,000 (dependent on printing conditions) - Ink/water balance: same as current conventional violet CTP plate, LP-NNW

Düsseldorf, 09.06.2009


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