FUJIFILM Europe launches revolutionary new solvent free wash

A breakthrough for the newspaper market with outstanding cleaning power

Solvent free wash

Solvent free wash

FUJIFILM Europe today announces the launch of a brand new solvent free wash. A technology breakthrough, this new generation of VOC-free wash has been developed in such a way that it contains neither hydrocarbons nor vegetable oil derivates common in standard offset washes. Additionally, the wash does not need to be mixed with water as it cleans both ink and paper dust at the same time, leading to a simplified filtering process for re-use.

Fujifilm has invested heavily in R&D to develop a product that meets the ideal requirements of offset printers, with no compromise to cleaning ability, press downtime or the filtering process, benefiting busy newspaper production environments. The end result is that printers will not experience any of the disadvantages typically seen with low evaporating washes. Standard VOC-free washes used today tend to evaporate slowly, resulting in a wet blanket after the cleaning process. These washes therefore need to be mixed with water to get a dry blanket for a reduction in re-start copies, which in turn leads to increased volumes of liquid for waste disposal.

Fujifilm´s new solvent free wash is ideal for newspaper production as it evaporates extremely quickly, leaving a dry blanket, without the additional step of cleaning the wash off with water. This not only shortens the time taken for the blanket to be ready for printing, therefore dramatically reducing paper-waste and contributing to increased productivity, but it is also in tune with Fujifilm´s ethos of being as environmentally friendly as possible.

The new solvent free wash means newspaper printers will no longer need to compromise. As there will be no need for the wash to be mixed with water (and therefore no need to separate wash and water in the processing unit), the traditional wash filtration process will be simplified considerably. ``We spent a lot of time considering how best to tackle two key issues in the development of this wash,´´ says Dieter Zang, technical manager Graphic Arts Chemicals, FUJIFILM Europe. ``On one hand the need for printers to efficiently clean their presses, and on the other the need to minimise environmental impact. With our expertise drawn from different areas of the company, we have been able to develop a wash which is unique in its performance. With minimal impact on the environment due to the elimination of VOCs, and the fact that it leaves a dry blanket after cleaning, we are confident that the printing industry won’t look back.´´

He continues, ``Feedback from the trials for the new wash have been extremely positive, including comments from Sydostpressarna in Sweden about the excellent cleaning power for both ink- and paper dust build-up, and the dry blanket after washing. In addition, the negligible smell due to the absence of solvents is resulting in a much better working environment.´´

The new solvent free wash will be available in Q1 2010.

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