Fujifilm launches new, improved Brillia HD PRO-T2 processless plate



FUJIFILM Europe today announces the launch of Brillia HD PRO-T2 - a new, improved version of its processless PRO-T plate. As part of Fujifilm’s philosophy of continuous improvement, the company has developed a ‘second generation’ coating for PRO-T2 which, in particular, improves the plate’s on-press performance.

Brillia HD PRO-T has been one of the most successful plate products launched by Fujifilm, with over 500 European installations since it became commercially available in late 2006. Its success has been down to its high performance - PRO-T is unique in that it has the same productivity and resolution as traditional thermal plates - and because it is truly processless, meaning the processing equipment and associated chemistry, energy and water are removed from the production process.

Brillia HD PRO-T2 has the same excellent specifications as its predecessor, PRO-T, but the new ‘second generation’ coating brings with it improvements to its on-press performance and imaging latitude. These include better on-press performance across a wider range of press conditions, faster start-up with fewer sheets required to run-up to copy, a harder wearing coating for easier handling and wider imaging tolerances to improve compatibility with the very latest platesetters.

The introduction of Brillia HD PRO-T2 improves what is already one of the most complete ranges of plates for printers looking to improve their environmental performance. The combination of the Brillia HD PRO-T2 plate alongside the Brillia HD PRO-V and Brillia HD LH-PJE low chemistry plates and associated finishing units, means Fujifilm is able to offer a wide choice of solutions for printers striving for high speed, high quality plate production with minimal environmental impact.

Brillia HD PRO-T2 specifications: Sensitivity: 120 mJ/cm² Resolution: 1% - 99% at 200lpi conventional, 300lpi hybrid and 20micron FM screening Run length: 100,000

About FUJIFILM Graphic Systems FUJIFILM Graphic Systems is a stable, long term partner focussed on delivering high quality, technically advanced print solutions that help printers develop competitive advantage and grow their businesses. The company’s financial stability and unprecedented investment in R&D enable it to develop proprietary technologies for best-in-class printing. These include pre-press and pressroom solutions for offset, wide-format and digital print, as well as workflow software for print production management. Fujifilm is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its products and operations, proactively working to preserve the environment, and strives to educate printers about environmental best practice.


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