Fujifilm takes positive stand to ensure clarity on plate terminology for printers

Key plate production solutions to be classified as `low-chemistry´

FUJIFILM logo `low chemistry´

FUJIFILM logo `low chemistry´

To coincide with the commercial availability of its Brillia HD PRO-V and Brillia PRO-VN plates, Fujifilm is taking the opportunity to challenge industry naming conventions and clarify the environmental credentials of a number of its plate solutions.

Prior to general commercial release, the Brillia HD PRO-V and Brillia PRO-VN plates had been grouped under the generic industry classification of `chemistry-free´. Fujifilm believes that for most of the plates marketed within this classification, the term is misleading and presents an ambiguous picture of environmental performance, inconsistent with its own policies. Therefore, to coincide with the commercial launch of its Brillia HD PRO-V and Brillia PRO- VN plates, Fujifilm is reclassifying both these plates (together with its Brillia HD LH-PJE plate and FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ processors) as `low-chemistry´ solutions.

The Brillia HD PRO-V and Brillia PRO-VN plates and associated finishing units, as well as the Fujifilm Brillia HD LH-PJE plate with FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ processor, use considerably less chemistry than processed plate alternatives, with reductions of up to 75% typically being possible. As a result, Fujifilm has created a new plate classification called `low-chemistry´ (with a corresponding `lo-chem´ logo) that summarises clearly the benefits these solutions bring.

Graham Leeson, marketing communications manager, Graphic Systems Division – FUJIFILM Europe, comments, ``For some time, there has been a lack of clarity in the industry over the phrase `chemistry-free´ and what it means in terms of environmental impact. At Fujifilm, we feel the phrase is misleading in that it implies that `chemistry-free´ plates don’t require chemistry, when, in reality, nearly all need some sort of chemistry as part of the plate production process. This potentially misleading situation is inconsistent with our own environmental policies, so rather than continue to adopt this industry phrase, we felt that the commercial launch of PRO-V was the right time to bring some clarity to the situation.´´

He continues, ``The recent report by John Zarwan highlighted the issue as the analysis of chemistry usage showed that our Brillia HD LH-PJE plate and FLH-Z processor solution, previously unclassified, uses less chemistry than either of the solutions identified as `chemistry-free´. By creating a new ‘low- chemistry’ category, we are providing printers with a much clearer idea of the environmental performance of the solutions that they are investing in.´´

The Brillia HD PRO-V plate combines the benefits of low-chemistry CTP with the proven low cost of ownership of violet imaging, bringing unmatched quality, consistency and productivity to plate production. The Brillia PRO-VN plate is a low-chemistry violet CTP plate developed specifically for the newspaper market. It enables newspaper printers to achieve the same levels of productivity as they do from conventionally processed violet CTP plates. Both plate solutions benefit from Fujifilm’s patented MultiGrain technology, ensuring optimum ink/water balance and advanced handling performance, and do not require traditional chemical replenishment, only requiring water top-up. In addition, the finishing units for both solutions are smaller than traditional photopolymer processors, saving a considerable amount of space.

The Brillia HD LH-PJE plate, when combined with the FLH-Z range of intelligent processors, brings consistent, high quality thermal plate production with minimal chemistry usage. Reductions in chemistry of 75% are typical, thanks to the incorporation of Fujifilm’s intelligent \'ZAC\' microprocessor control system in the FLH-Z processor which automates and intelligently controls the optimum delivery of chemistry and water to the plate.

All of these `low-chemistry´ solutions offer printers considerable environmental and cost savings over conventional CTP solutions, combined with benchmark productivity and quality.

Düsseldorf, 2. June 2009


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