Fujifilm XMF Workflow offers most advanced integration with the Shuttleworth MIS

FUJIFILM Europe today announces the integration of its XMF Workflow with Shuttleworth’s Management Information System (MIS). Print service providers who use both XMF and Shuttleworth are now able to automate their production processes even further, providing more accurate estimates and job analysis, resulting in considerable cost and time savings.

Thanks to the fact that XMF has been built from the ground up around JDF, integration with the Shuttleworth MIS has been straightforward. More importantly, the resulting level of communication between the two systems represents one of the most powerful integrated solutions on the market. In particular, the bi-directional dataflow between XMF and Shuttleworth provides a high level of automation and efficiency. Job estimates created through the Shuttleworth MIS are sent directly to XMF, where the job is automatically generated, imposed and processed. XMF then returns the final job costs to Shuttleworth, which ensures that the original estimate is updated to reflect actual production costs, maximising profitability.

“In the current economic environment it is critical to maximise production capacity without raising overheads,” says Andy Walker, workflow solutions manager at Fujifilm. “The architecture of XMF has enabled the integration with the Shuttleworth MIS to be the purest JDF integration available today, while allowing printers to keep a closer eye on production costs and profitability. The integration with the Shuttleworth MIS is in addition to XMF’s compatibility with many other MIS systems available on the market.”

Paul Deane, joint managing director at Shuttleworth, adds: “The two systems were rigorously tested to ensure seamless integration, with the resulting two-way communication among the most advanced on the market. We are confident that our customers are going to see huge benefits from this. We look forward to continuing to work with Fujifilm to enable our customers to maximise the profitability of their production processes.”

Duesseldorf, 10. September 2009
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