Introduction of Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme High Definition

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme High Definition Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme High Definition Paper

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to introduce the Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme High Definition, which is a new silver halide photographic color paper specifically designed as a Premium product for the consumer market.

Supreme High Definition Paper responds to market trends and customer requirements. Depending on local market conditions, retailers can offer the New Supreme High Definition Paper alongside their normal Crystal Archive or Supreme paper, resulting in additional revenues.

Consumers are more demanding in having their images printed on premium photo paper due to the improved quality of digital compact cameras and the increased digital SLR camera sales including their HD viewing options on High Definition viewing devices such as televisions and monitors.

The Supreme High Definition Paper is designed in such a way that the end consumers will experience a high quality image. It has a wide color range in combination with a solid base for optimal handling during picture viewing. It is provided with a thicker base and smooth high glossy finish and is recognized by its attractive gold back print. The color range is wider and the thickness is higher in Supreme High Definition Paper compared to Supreme Paper. Supreme High Definition Paper delivers enhanced color reproduction, white purity, excellent image stability, just as well as other Fujicolor Crystal Archive Papers.

Supreme High Definition Paper can be processed with the Frontier digital minilab series and will replace the Supreme Type II paper.

Product Features - For digital printers only - Optimized for fast processing in Frontier digital minilab - Vivid color reproduction, wider color range - Brilliant whites - Deep blacks - Excellent image stability - Available in Glossy as well Lustre Surface - Thick paper base - Golden backprint


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