Introduction of Fujicolor Crystal Archive Writable Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Writable Paper

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Writable Paper

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to introduce the Fujicolor Crystal Archive Writable Paper, which is a new silver halide photographic color paper specifically designed to make durable writable photos possible for calendar, photobook, postcard and fine art purposes. The writable paper is designed in such a way that end consumers can make notes on calendars, postcards or place a signature on a photo.

The surface design shows a unique smooth semi-matte look, which has a fingerprint protection layer that makes handling of photos much easier. The diffuse reflecting surface makes it suitable to express the fine artwork of an artist. Even under high lighting intensity no reflections are present. The emulsion is similar to other Fujicolor Crystal Archive Papers, and an additional top-layer enables the writing and fingerprint protection features. Writable Paper delivers enhanced color reproduction, white purity, excellent image stability, just as well as other Fujicolor Crystal Archive Papers.

Writable Paper can be processed with Frontier digital minilab series and wide format printers. We believe that this innovative addition to the Fujicolor Paper lineup will further expand the photo business.

Product Features - Writable surface after processing - Fingerprint protection - Unique semi-matte surface finish - Fast processing - Optimal designed surface provides a unique combination of a durable color reproduction and writable surface for most popular pencils and ballpoints - Same features as other Fujicolor Crystal Archive Papers (Excellent Whiteness, Enhanced Color Reproduction, Excellent Image Stability etc.) - No back printing


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