Start up new line for Offset Plates in Tilburg suspended

FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, has decided to suspend the start-up of the new line for offset plates in its production facility in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This decision was taken because of reduced demand due to the economic crisis. This means that the building will be finished and that the machines will be delivered, but not yet installed.

The management of FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. is now investigating which consequences this will have for the organization. This is dependant on further developments in the market. The intention was to open the new, third, offset plates line at end of this year.

About Fujifilm Tilburg

FUJIFILM Tilburg is one of the largest among the Fujifilm production facilities. From this location, production and distribution of photographic materials and offset plates take place for Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. The Tilburg Research Laboratory, in addition, develops new products for existing and new markets.

Duesseldorf, 10 February 2009
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