"Barcelona Fujifilm Printlife" Exhibition

Aiming to fight against Alzheimer’s


The participatory photography exhibition "Barcelona Printlife", organized by Fujifilm Europe GmbH and the ACE Foundation, Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center, has taken place in the Disseny Hub of the city until January 20th. “Barcelona Printlife” is a contemporary time capsule that gathered 7.300 photographs of everyday moments contributed by anonymous amateur photographers to the website “Inspire Printing”, promoted by Fujifilm. This project raised funds for Alzheimer's research and values these images as lasting memories.

The exhibition has been traveling around different countries, including the USA, Japan and Germany. Fujifilm extended an open invitation to contribute to the exhibition. Fujifilm will make a donation to advance Alzheimer's research.

Mr. Yamamoto, Managing Director of Fujifilm Europe, notes that

In Fujifilm our mission is to preserve and make grow the culture of photography. By communicating the joy, fun and emotions of the photographs. Our goal is to contribute to improving the quality of life of people around the world through photographic exhibitions. This participatory exhibition demonstrates the joy that the photos bring to our lives and the importance they have in our vital memories.

Fujifilm wants to impress the importance of printing images that are captured, a habit that has been relegated to the past since the digitalization of photography. Therefore, visitors of this participatory exhibition were able to print their photographs at the Fujifilm Order it kiosks and take new ones on site, thanks to the Instax camera photocall that was made available at the entrance.

Fujifilm Printlife is the first participatory exhibition carried out by Fujifilm in Spain. These exhibitions began more than a decade ago in Japan, with 10,000 photographs in 2006, and 50,000 in 2017, when the photos were displayed in 32 locations around Japan and many of the visitors expressed their admiration for the photographic exhibition.

The first citizen exhibition in Europe, held in Germany during Photokina last September, tried to emulate that spirit. Fujifilm observed that almost half of the images, 7,300 of a total of 15,000 - came from Spain, which is why the exhibition moved on to Barcelona, so the participants could observe their photographs.

Mercè Boada, medical director of the ACE Foundation, during the press conference emphasized that

we are convinced of the power of Photography as a key element for the cognitive and emotional stimulation of people who suffer Alzheimer. We want to thank Fujifilm for his sensitivity and trust and the commitment to research as is the only opportunity to overcome this disease.

Fujifilm Healthcare is a very important part of the business, aiming to improve people’s life and fighting against diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Cancer. With the ACE Foundation, Fujifilm believes it can find valuable synergies.

Throughout the exhibition "Barcelona Printlife", the ACE foundation offered and organised several activities: workshops, conferences, free memory tests from ACE Foundation neuropsychologists for visitors over the age of 50, as well as workshops with Instax Mini cameras for patients and their families. Additionally, the Photographic Social Vision Foundation will be carrying out photography workshops with Instax for teenagers as part of their educational curriculum to encourage youngsters to create their own photobooks with Instax pictures taken around the exhibition building.

The overall result of the exhibition was very positive, inspiring visitors to preserve their memories by printing their photographs. We hope to be able to participate in this type of event in other Spanish cities in the future.


Nuria Alonso
Fujifilm Europe GmbH, Sucursal en España
Photo Imaging Product Manager







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