FUJIFILM announces the Digital Minilab Frontier LP5700R and LP5500R


Fujifilm Digital Minilab Frontier LP5700R

Fujifilm Digital Minilab Frontier LP5500R

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the development of the Digital Minilab Frontier LP5700R and LP5500R — compact, high-resolution models with ultra high-speed finishing functions and easy operation that further extend Fujifilm’s exceptional Frontier Minilab series. The Digital Minilab Frontier series enables high quality silver-halide print service from digital images, which has been highly acclaimed by retail photo shops all over the world. The core technology of the new LP5700R and LP5500R is based on the “High-speed laser exposure technology”, “Ultra high-speed processing technology”, and the “Image processing technology”, which are the prominent features of the Frontier 500 series. The models respond to customer demands with the inclusion of a host of features below:
  • Compact size (a footprint of only 1.2 m2),
  • High output function (up to 2,040 sheets per hour)
  • Ultra high-speed processing technology (dry to dry in only 82 seconds),
  • Easy handling chemical system
  • 12 inch print capability
  • Professional sensitized material processing (processor with interchangeable double-speed function)
The new models are also equipped with Fujifilm’s MS software, a workflow management software that enables further system expansion, and Fujifilm’s proprietary image processing technology, Image Intelligence, which together allow customers to order high-resolution prints of their digital images. The MS software also enables retail photo shops to consolidate orders from multiple order terminals and film scanners, and transfer orders to each printers. This makes the entire print process further simplified, and retail photo shops can manage the orders more efficiently. An additional benefit is that these operations do not have to be limited to Frontier Minilabs, but can also be undertaken on Fujifilm’s thermal photo printer, large-format inkjet printers and Xerography printers. Fujifilm is delighted to be able to respond to constantly diversifying customer requirements with a range of high-performance devices.


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