FUJIFILM Announces Image Intelligence Version 4.0

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the development of the latest version of its proprietary image enhancement technology, Image Intelligence Version 4.0, at Photokina 2010.  This upgrade version is able to faithfully reproduce the finest textures and details of the subject being photographed, from the subtle contours contained in the exterior of buildings and geological features to the transparency of a single drop of water and even the brilliant shimmering of a wedding dress. It further enhances the capability for photographic subject analysis and high fidelity reproductions, and can be integrated with xerographic systems to provide Photobook and other value-added products. Since its foundation over 75 years ago, Fujifilm has constantly striven to develop image enhancement technologies that accurately reproduce images of the scenes, feelings and intentions people who have sought to capture in their photos. Image Intelligence technology has been highly acclaimed for its ability to respond to the increasingly sophisticated and diversified demands of users by compensating for such photographic conditions as backlighting, nearby strobe lighting, fluorescent lighting and tungsten lighting. It also features an automatic red-eye correction capability and an image correction function that reproduces high-fidelity skin tones of main photographic subjects. This technology is installed in such Expanding Frontier Solutions devices as dye-sublimation printers or inkjet printers, and users can be sure that they will receive the same high-quality print finishing services at any Fujifilm photo shop they visit.  Integrating Image Intelligence Version 4.0 with xerographic systems will greatly enhance the capability to produce prints that capture the feeling of the scene — a capability not possible with existing xerographic systems. Image Intelligence Version 4.0 will enable Fujifilm to create prints rich in expression and contribute to the enhancement of value-added products and increased customer satisfaction. Through the use of Image Intelligence Version 4.0, Fujifilm will be able to offer a further enhanced range of value-added products with outstanding image quality, and contribute to the expansion of the global imaging business.
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