FUJIFILM X-T1 firmware version 4.00 is now available

Substantial firmware updates for the X-T1, delivering a new AF system for better capture of moving subjects among other improvements

As announced on the 11th May, the Fujfilm X-T1 has had many improvements and new features added to it as part of Fujifilm's ongoing dedication to improving new and existing products by listening to customer feedback.
Firmware version 4.00 for the X-T1 is now available to download free of charge from the Fujifilm Global website.

Autofocus functions that allow users to capture moving subjects easier

"Zone Mode" allows users to choose a 3x3, 5x3 or 5x5 zone from the 77-point AF area. When combined with the AF-C continuous focusing mode, the camera continues tracking a subject at the center of the selected zone. The 3x3 and 5x3 zones at the center, in particular, offer extra-fast focusing with the use of the built-in phase detection pixels. In "Wide/Tracking Mode", the camera displays the area in focus, identified automatically out of the 77-point AF area (Wide in the AF-S mode) and tracks the focus area’s subject across the entire 77-point AF area (Tracking in the AF-C mode). This makes it possible to maintain focus on a subject that moves vertically, horizontally, and back and forth. "Single-point AF" now divides the focus area into smaller sections to more accurately determine the distance to the subject for even greater focusing accuracy. The built-in phase detection pixels have the detection range of 0.5EV, an improvement from the previous 2.5EV, delivering phase detection AF performance that enables fast focusing in low-light conditions and on low-contrast subjects.

Zone & Wide/Tracking modes

Fuji Guys demonstrate the new AF functions

Other improvements

  • Improved Shutter Speed Dial operation
  • Exposure Compensation control in Manual
  • Finer lines on the framing grid enhances visibility
  • The Silent Mode has been renamed to “SOUND & FLASH OFF”.
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