FUJIFILM Announces Image Organization Technology

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the development of its new Image Organizer Software at Photokina 2010. The software, which enables more convenient use of digital images, features an “Image Selection Support Function” to simplify complex selection operations and an “Automatic Layout Function” which makes layout processes for Photobook easier and more efficient. With the widespread popularity of digital cameras, the number of images taken continues to rise, and along with the increased memory capacities in memory cards and personal computer hard drives in recent years, many users are finding themselves with large amounts of digital images which have yet to be sorted or categorized for easy selection. Accordingly, image selection and layout for photo print and Photobook image layout becomes a complex and laborious process. According to the results of a recent survey, approximately 70% of Photobook users abandon their efforts to complete their Photobook order.   Fujifilm is currently developing its Image Organizer Software along with an online print system and an order terminal, which makes it easier for consumers to create their own Photobook. The Image Organizer Software comprises the following main functions; 1) Image Selection Support
  • Recommends optimal images by evaluating factors such as facial profiles, brightness, focus and color
  • Analyzes similar scenes and arranges them into a single compilation for easier selection
 2) Automatic Layout
  • Arranges the layout of recommended images for enhanced user-convenience and satisfaction
In addition, the Image Organizer Software is undergoing further development of an Automatic Photobook Recommendation Function. This new function will recommend the automatic retrieval of particular images stored in users’ personal computers or online storage sites, and further recommend suitable layouts for the production of Photobooks. Plans are also underway to develop the Image Organizer Software to enable the order of prints, slide shows and other services.  
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