FUJIFILM announces On-site Photobook Solution


Xerox Phaser 6280 Photobook

Xerox Phaser 6280 Photobook Printer

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the development of the new On-site Photobook Solution. The On-site Photobook Solution combines Xerox Phaser 6280 Photobook Printer*1, and the latest version of Fujifilm’s digital image processing technology, Image Intelligence Version 4.0*2, as a Photobook solution for retailers.  Demand for photobooks has undergone a huge expansion mainly by online purchase and wholesale production. However, in order to further enhance customer convenience and expand the number of outlets production for Photobook service, introduction of on-site Photobook Solution with low cost and easy operation has been highly expected by retailers. In response to these demands, Fujifilm offers a high quality print system that combines a compact, low-cost, Xerography printer with enhanced vivid color and smooth tone reproduction, with Image Intelligence Version 4.0 optimized for Xerography printers. In addition, Fujifilm will also offer two types of binding system such as simple and compact perfect binding and full automatic booklet finisher as a part of the total on-site Photobook Solution. *1. Xerox Phaser 6280 Photobook Printer is produced by Xerox/Fuji Xerox and enhanced by Fujifilm imaging technology. Xerox Phaser 6280 Photobook Printer is only available from Fujifilm. *2. Image Intelligence Version 4.0 is Fujifilm’s proprietary ultra-high quality digital image processing software that automatically analyzes photographic or subject conditions and optimizes them according to the kind of media for which they are to be used. XEROX and Phaser are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


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