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FUJIFILM 4K light-weight cine zoom lenses capture the action at Grand Slam Centre-Courts


ZK4.7x19 4K light-weight cine zoom

FUJIFILM ZK4.7x19 4K light-weight cine zoom

The centre-court has a long history where the first match was played in 1928. It is the only grand slam tournament that is played exclusively on sand. Throughout the decades it was covered by Newspaper, Radio, SDTV and HDTV. In 2010 there was another world premier; as it was the first major tennis tournament that was produced and transmitted in 3D to public viewing areas; with the recent 4K live production it has arrived in the future of TV broadcasting.

Mr. Christophe Barbé (Project Manager - Euromedia France) commented: “during a recent grand slam tournament, France Television wanted to achieve the first live 4K UHD Broadcast to television consumers. This broadcast was a French premiere for sports broadcasting. Euromedia France was commissioned by the local Tennis Federation to produce match coverage in the 4K UHD technology format. The setup consisted of four (4) Sony F-55 cameras. All cameras were equipped with Fujinon’s Cabrio lenses. We used following focal lengths; two (2) 19-90 mm and two (2) 85-300 mm Cabrio’s. These lenses perfectly fit into sport production workflows; this was clearly visible during the recent grand slam tennis match coverage”.

In closing he stated: “the 19-90mm enables us to realize stunning wide shots of the court and the 85-300mm enabled us to produce nice player’s close-up shots. The signal produced by Euromedia was distributed to three HEVC encoding platform broadcasts in DVB-T2 for TNT and DVB-S2 for satellite. The optical quality, internal motorization and communication with the Sony F-55 interface, make these 4K lenses the perfect choice for 4K television productions. I would like to thank Fujinon for their assistance to have contributed to this premiere”.

The 4K PL-mount 19-90mm Cabrio (ZK4.7x19) features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-Style lens. The ZK4.7x19 also features flange focal distance adjustment, macro function, and is LDS (Lens Data System) and /i metadata compatible. With a 19-90mm focal range and weight of only 2.7kg including servo motors, this lens has the longest focal range available in a light weight zoom. Videographers used to shooting video in a typical ENG-style will be very comfortable with the servo function.

All ZK-Series (Cabrio) lenses can be controlled using standard Fujinon control kits or cinema industry standard wireless controllers for zoom and focus functions.


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