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Fujifilm highlights the success of its system approach for newspaper plate production at IFRA Expo 2014

Brillia PRO VN

Brillia PRO VN

Luxel VMAX Semi Automatic

Luxel VMAX Semi Automatic

Fujifilm is using its presence at IFRA Expo 2014 (Amsterdam, 13th - 15th October) to highlight the popularity and success of its system approach to newspaper plate production. The focus of Fujifilm’s offering is an integrated ‘lo-chem’ system comprising Brillia PRO-VN plates and Luxel News VMAX platesetter, which together can deliver the highest quality newspaper plates at the fastest production speeds on the market.

With scalable productivity, robust design and high quality output capability, the Luxel News VMAX provides a complete solution via a choice of output speeds from 100 to 400 plates per hour. The platesetter is optimised for Brillia PRO-VN, one of the most advanced Fujifilm low-chemistry violet plates designed to simplify the pre-press process and drastically reduce chemistry usage.

Takashi Yanagawa - Senior Vice President, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, comments: “We are delighted with the popularity and success so far with our system approach. Another 20 Luxel News VMAX systems have been installed in 2014 across Europe giving those newspaper printers that have invested in this system the very best plate production capability in the market.”

Customers who have already successfully invested in this leading system include Tamedia - one of the leading media corporations in Switzerland – and L’Union de Reims - a French newspaper owned by the Rossel Group. Not only did these companies invest in Fujifilm’s Luxel News VMAX platesetter and Brillia PRO-VN plates, but they also benefitted from Fujifilm’s leading service and support, a key factor in their decision to move to a Fujifilm plate production solution.

Utilising Fujifilm’s ‘high sensitivity polymerisation’ technology, Brillia PRO-VN enables newspaper printers to achieve the same levels of productivity and results as those achieved with conventional processed violet CTP plates. It has been designed to meet all the requirements of today’s newspaper printers, and benefits from Fujifilm’s patented MultiGrainTM technology, which ensures optimum ink/water balance and advanced handling performance.

Takashi Yanagawa concludes: “Fujifilm is committed to support the newspaper market with advanced and dedicated technologies. We believe that our newspaper plate production solution is the most advanced on the market, allowing newspaper printers to maximise productivity, achieve the highest quality standards and enhance their environmental credentials all in one go.  We look forward to showcasing this system at IFRA Expo 2014 to an even wider audience.”

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