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Fujifilm acquires large project at EPTV Algerian State TV

Usage at new CIC International Convention Centre in Algiers, Algeria.

The new CIC International Convention Centre in Algiers, Algeria - to be opend in October 2014.

The new CIC International Convention Centre in Algiers, Algeria - to be opend in October 2014.

Mr. Jamel Kheroua (EPTV) and  Mr. Djamel Djadi (Fujifilm)

Mr. Jamel Kheroua (EPTV) and Mr. Djamel Djadi (Fujifilm)

EPTV (Établissement public de télévision) Algeria is the national agency that coordinates public television broadcasting for following television channels; Canal Algerie, Algerie 3, Amzigh TV4, Tamazight and religious channel Coran TV5. EPTV was the main television channel until French speaking  channel Canal Algérie was created in 1994.

EPTV had been appointed as consultant for the media installations at the newly built CIC International Convention Centre in Algiers. With a total project cost of USD 700 Mio and 230.000 square meters space; it will be one of the most advanced and spacious convention centres on the African continent. It incorporates full HDTV production capabilities, including virtual sets, play-out and broadcast transmition facilities that meet current international standards.

Fujifilm will deliver fourty (40) pieces Fujinon  HA16x6.3BERD HDTV lenses which will be used in combination with Sony cameras on Vinten Robotic systems. The systems will be installed in several locations thourghout the building in order to guarntee a semless coverage of convention activities.

With the HA16x6.3 lens model, Fujinon lenses enable more flexibility for news and field productions, providing an outstanding tool for the camera operator and/or robotic system, fullfilling all optical requirements in just one lens. Excellent ramping characteristics combined with minimal ghosting and flare, reduced pumping, minimised longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberration, enhanced colour transmission and high MTF values make this standard lens the ideal two2 in one1 solution.

Mr. Jamel Kheroua (EPTV Project Director) comments on the recent acquisition;  We have chosen the Fujinon HA16x6.3 HDTV lens model because it gives us dual use capabilities, as our ENG crews no longer need to carry two lenses, which are usually  composed of a telephoto and a wide angle lens. The HA16x6.3 provides a focal range of 6.3mm on the wide side to 202mm at the telephoto end, which is ideal for ENG productions with versitatile requirements. In addition, we were able to save cost by just having to purchase one instaed of two lenses. In closing he stated: The optical quality is unsurepassed in its segment, with great product training, warranty terms and after-sales support  Fujinon was the natural choice.


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