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Fujifilm HDTV Broadcast lenses for TV Skyline's OBV

TV Skyline new OB HD Unit 7

TV Skyline new OB HD Unit 7

TV Skyline OB Unit 7 with Fujinon XA99x8.4BESM line-up

TV Skyline OB Unit 7 with Fujinon XA99x8.4BESM line-up

TV SKYLINE Film- und Fernsehgesellschaft mbH newly built OB HD Unit.7 went live for the first time on 2.May, 2014. It can be equipped with up to twenty-two (22x) Ikegami HDC97/970A and one NAC Hi-Mo II Ultra Slow Motion cameras.

TV Skyline has produced major events such as FIFA Champions League, Europa League, German Bundesliga, Tennis Davis Cup and MotoGP just to name a few prestigious productions. Following Fujinon HD EFP/ENG lenses had been acquired to be on-board of the new expander; Five (5x) optically stabilized long telephoto XA99x8.4 EFP lenses with built in OS-TECH,  two (2x) Studio HA27x6.5 lenses, four (4x)  telephoto HA23x7.6 and three (3x) wide-angel HA14x4.5 ENG lenses.

The XA99x is outstanding in its class as it combines high-performance imaging, a long zoom reach and an ultra-wide angle, it can also be combined with the unique and award winning Fujinon PF Precision Focus System. The extremely rugged, versatile and reliable telephoto zoom lens is ideal for  demanding live sports and studio productions. The advanced back focus system on the XA99x allows macro shooting from as close as 0.3m from the object. The XA99x lens has an improved F-drop at tele side and offers all the advantages of Fujinon’s DIGI POWER functions for ease of use.

Mr. Wolfgang Reeh - Managing Director at TV Skyline stated
; “Our production requirements are very versatile and demanding ranging from sports productions, concerts to events and shows in larger venues.  With the recent addition of HD OB Unit-7 to our existing fleet of OB vans we have expanded our production capabilities by an additional twenty-three (23x) high-definition cameras. We eventually chose Fujinon HD lenses as they met our stringent requirements displaying the highest optical quality,  reliability, ruggedness with  a very good after sales service support package. Specifically the new XA99x lenses lend us the versatility that enables us to meet customer's demands, with productions spanning from sports over concerts and events to high end shows and theatrical production”s.

In conjunction to the above statement FUJIFILM would  like express its appreciation to “VIDEOR” the local German agent for the great coopertion in this prestigous project.

For more information please contact:

Optical Devices Division
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