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FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH presents new, innovative Archive Solution dternity at IBC in Amsterdam

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) has always been a showcase for displaying new, cutting-edge technological developments. For many years, Fujifilm Recording Media has set the standards for data storage in the computer, professional video and TV broadcasting fields and are now proud to unveil the new, innovative archiving solution d:ternity  along with the Fujifilm Appliance.

d:ternity – Archiving as a Managed Service

offers archiving as a managed service, enabling users to ensure compliance at low, predictable costs. d:ternity also provides full transparency of archives and enables a quick data restore when needed. The system stands for a standardized, non-proprietary and fully scalable archiving platform with state-of-the-art archiving techniques and technology translating directly into significant cost savings.

Fujifilm Appliance – Designed for Archiving

The Fujifilm Appliance can easily be integrated into the customer’s infrastructure in a non intrusive way, provides a high security connection to d:ternity where the customer’s data is archived via an innovative tape system. Archived data is backed up to tape and available on a web portal at any time.

Once a customer‘s long term archive has been moved to d:ternity, the Appliance offers significant cost savings, because hardware and software are no longer needed while personnel are freed from archiving any new data (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). This makes regular transfer of data onto physical storage media obsolete, thus eliminating hardware, software and other related service costs.

Fujifilm at IBC fair, Amsterdam:  Booth 11.C20

For more information please contact:

FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH
Fujistrasse 1, 47533 Kleve, Germany

Hans-Jörg Müsch
Tel: +49 2821 509 527
Mail: hans-joerg.muesch(at)eu.fujifilm-rme(dot)com  
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