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FUJIFILM releases new “Classic Chrome” Film Simulation mode - perfect for documentary photography


FUJIFILM X30, ISO200, f/6.4, 1/800th, ”Classic Chrome”

FUJIFILM X30, ISO100, f/3.6, 1/300th, ”Classic Chrome”

Fujifilm Corporation unveils Classic Chrome, a new Film Simulation mode for X-series premium digital cameras. Since introducing the functionality on the FinePix F700 in 2003, Fujifilm has worked continuously on its unique suite of Film Simulation modes that recreate the look of popular Fujifilm reversal and negative emulsions. Classic Chrome is the eleventh simulation mode and is added to the line-up, which includes Velvia for capturing landscape images with vividly saturated colors, and the softer Astia for delivering natural graduation of skin tones on portraits. Classic Chrome has been developed to deliver the tonal depth required in documentary and street photography. In order to simulate the deep finish from a color reversal film printed on Deep Matte paper, Fujifilm developed a new algorithm that incorporates soft gradation, rich details in shadows and full-bodied tones to avoid saturated blues, greens and reds. Classic Chrome perfectly complements the story-telling functionality of Fujifilm cameras and will be phased in to models starting with the X30. Classic Chrome Film Simulation comparison
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