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Fujifilm steams ahead in UV inkjet ink development

Variety of new UV inkjet inks launched at FESPA 2014

Uvijet Packaging

Uvijet Packaging

Uvijet Research and Development (01)

Uvijet Research and Development (01)

Uvijet Research and Development (02)

Uvijet Research and Development (02)

Fujifilm today announces the launch of number of new inks at this year’s FESPA Digital (20-23 May, Munich) targeted at a variety of applications. This new offering allows print service providers to generate business in new application areas using existing wide-format hardware. Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems (FSIS), based in Broadstairs UK, has been the leader in UV inkjet technology for 15 years, and continues to go from strength to strength. Tudor Morgan, systems marketing manager at FSIS, comments: "15 years ago we were the first company to patent a UV ink, and we now hold more patents for this technology than anyone else. Over this period we have worked hard with leading industry OEMs to ensure that UV is the ink of choice for wide-format machines in terms of quality and performance." Building on this industry-renowned heritage, FSIS has been working closely with the company’s R&D department in Tokyo. Together they are developing next generation inks that focus on more creative applications, such as light industrial, as well as point-of-purchase where they are already well established. "With our history in UV technology we can demonstrate to the industry that we really do understand the requirements of each and every application. The chemistry that needs to go into each ink formulation is unique, and our team works hard to look for formulations that are future-proof, and also more cost effective than some of today’s solutions," adds Tudor. The Fujifilm chemists are continually carrying out fundamental research into the chemical synthesis of inks, and even go so far as to create new raw materials in order to develop a cutting edge ink formulation. Taking these unique formulations and manufacturing all products on one site, allows the company to provide the quality, consistency and reliability the industry is looking for. This is based on over 60 years’ experience in screen solvent inks, screen UV and UV inkjet, complemented by Fujifilm’s own approach to quality assurance. The company also builds its own unique ink dispersions, enabling it to control the reliability and stability of each ink. At FESPA 2014, Fujifilm is bringing to market four new inks, all of which will enable customers to achieve end results more quickly, and offer greater quality and versatility. These new inks, which have a range of potential end uses, provide the industry with more choice when combined with equipment purchases, and also give end users more options for filling their printers with work, ultimately giving a faster payback. In addition, Fujifilm is also offering new design and delivery systems for its inks, for instance pouches, which can maximise the environmental and economic benefits for printers.

Uvijet OH

The latest Uvijet ink development for the Onset, Uvijet OH has been formulated for use with Polyethylene and Polypropylene materials that are becoming more popular due to their ability to be recycled.

Uvijet OL

Uvijet OL is a new low odour corrugated ink which satisfies the DiN EN 1230-1 standard aimed at display and secondary packaging, with the residual odour for OL mimicking that of water based flexo inks.

Uvijet KV

Fujifilm’s new thermoforming UV-cured inkjet ink, Uvijet KV is aimed at light industrial applications. This new formulation maintains the high quality, vivid colours and excellent performance expected from a Fujifilm ink, with no compromise to the print speed of the Acuity Advance Select printers it is used with. It has outstanding elongation properties of 300-400% when heat formed.

Uvijet QN white

Uvijet QN white is a new white ink which has also been developed to increase the scope of possible applications on the Uvistar. This ink will allow users to produce super-wide format posters which can be illuminated for either day or night usage.
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