Radiotherapy Imaging

A High-resolution Imaging Plate (IP) Cassette for Accurate Pinpointing of Treatment Area

One of the important processes of radiotherapy is the position confirmation process using an X-ray simulator prior to the X-ray exposure. In this process, the Type PC Cassette and the FCR Image Processing technology can be used to make the image contrast clearer.

A special-purpose Imaging Plate (IP) cassette, the Type PC, realises a clear contrast thereby enabling the accurate pinpointing of the treatment area

In the position confirmation process prior to actual X-ray exposure, it was difficult to obtain the right contrast due to the high level of X-ray exposure.

The special Type PC cassette has solved this problem. It uses lead for the inner lining plate to enhance the sensitivity. Also, it uses an adhesive mechanism to strengthen the adhesiveness of this plate with the IP. As a result, clear contrasting images are obtained to support the pinpointing of the treatment area.

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Reduced noise by FNC (Flexible Noise Control) processing Finer granulation images for better diagnosis

FNC processing reduces noise and greatly improves granularity of the image thus enabling a clearer image for detailed diagnosis.

Conventional processing
Flexible Noise Control processing