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Design and compatibility

Precision design and a convenient Function button provides ease of operation

Signal contacts and the new Function Button for easy shooting

  • When the camera body recognizes the signal contacts of the Mount Adapter, the "Shoot Without Lens" mode is activated automatically.
    Users do not have to go to the MENU screen in order to change this setting, enabling them to start shooting instantly.
  • Pressing the Function Button brings up the Mount Adapter Setting mode instantaneously. This provides ease of operation when registering a new lens to use, entering its settings or changing a lens.
  • 1 : Signal Contacts  2 : Function Button

High precision design

The Mount Adapter is designed to maintain the flange back distance of 27.8mm *** for high precision M Mount lenses with advanced planarity.
It is constructed using a three-part structure that employs optimum materials for each of the components.
The contact surface with M Mount lenses features the same high quality stainless steel finish as that used on the X Mount camera body, while the contact surface with the camera body uses an aluminum component similar to that used in XF lenses.
The middle section is made of aluminum to achieve an all-metal construction for a high level of rigidity and durability.

  • *** The distance from the mount surface to the sensor
  • 1 : Aluminum  2 : Stainless steel

Gauge for confirming lens compatibility

The product package contains a resin gauge that allows the user to check the compatibility of M Mount lenses with the adapter.

  • * Some lenses may not be suitable for the adapter even if the gauge indicates them to be compatible.
Please see here for the list of compatible lenses confirmed by Fujifilm.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.
  • * A firmware update is required to use these functions.