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Jet Press 720

Jet Press 720 auf einen Blick:

Die Verfügbarkeit der Jet Press 720 markieirt den Beginn eines neuen Zeitalters, da die Auftraggeber die Vorzüge des Digitaldrucks mehr denn je benötigen. Kleine Auflagen, schnelle Bearbeitung und Print-on-Demand sind heute Standardanforderungen. Aber der Digitaldruck wird bei vielen Anwendungen immer noch nicht genutzt. Mit der Jet Press 720 wird sich das sicher ändern.

  • Außergewöhnliche Qualität durch den Einsatz der Fujifilm SAMBATM Druckköpfe, die mit einer Auflösung von 1.200 dpi x 1200 dpi Farbtröpfchen in vier Graustufen wiedergebe können – Nutzung des Rapid Coagulation Primers (RPC) und Fujifilms wasserbasierender leistungsfähiger VIVIDIA-Tinten
  • Mit einer Produktionsgeschwindigkeit von 1,3 Sekunden/B2-Bogen schneller als jede andere vergleichbare Maschine im Markt
  • Nutzung der meisten handelsüblichen B2-Offsetpapiere, so dass keine teureren speziellen Digitaldruck-Substarte benötigt werden.

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Jet Press 720
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Extraordinary quality

The Jet Press 720 takes the print quality produced by a digital printing system to new heights thanks to a combination of fundamental Fujifilm technologies. The end result is stunning, vibrant colours, superb skin tones, extraordinary fine text and line detail, incredible flat tints, all produced on standard offset paper.


High performance, water-based inkjet ink

Fujifilm scientists made use of the company’s advanced chemical technologies to develop a new water-based ink called VIVIDIA. The result is a high performance range of four CMYK ink colours that have each been painstakingly developed to match the performance criteria of the heads and achieve the best performance on the widest range of standard offset papers. Ink grains as small as 0.5 trillionths of a litre are discharged at high speed from the print-head nozzle onto the paper. Thanks to the application of the primer, ink movement instantly stops, enabling the sharpest dot formation. These ultra-fine dots, invisible to the naked eye, are responsible for the breathtaking quality possible with the Jet Press 720.

Perfect for short-run print

The ‘sweet-spot’ for the Jet Press 720 is short-run jobs where the run lengths are too long for pay-per-click SRA3 digital presses to be economical but where traditional offset presses struggle because of the longer pre-press, makeready and drying times. This ‘sweetspot’ is typically from run lengths of around a few hundred to a few thousand. This is where a
significant number of jobs are currently being printed,
and where the volume growth is likely to take place in the future.

A new flexible format size

The format size of the Jet Press 720 will also create new opportunities for digital print, with applications such as gate-fold brochures, folders, and more unusual page sizes all being possible down to run lengths of one, all finished with existing B2 finishing equipment.





Flexibility to fit into existing pressrooms

The Jet Press 720 has been designed to make digital print production much more flexible. Firstly,
as the machine is B2 format, it fits into existing sheet-fed pressrooms without the need for any alterations in terms of paper handling and finishing. Secondly, most standard B2 offset paper can be used, removing the requirement to use specialised (and expensive) digital paper. Finally, once imaged the B2 sheet can be treated like an offset sheet, dropping into existing finishing equipment with many special finishes possible. As a result, digital print can be treated like offset print more than ever before.


Environmental benefits

There are a number of significant environmental benefits with the Jet Press 720. These include a reduction in raw materials, hazardous pressroom consumables and paper waste, along with the complete elimination of the plate production process. All these benefits mean that the Jet Press 720 has an estimated 25% lower carbon footprint (internal estimate) than an equivalent traditional B2 sheet-fed press.


Sheets can be easily recycled

The results of trials carried out by the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE) on sheets printed by the Jet Press 720 indicate levels of deinking on a par with offset inks, with 98 out of a possible 100 points, results which represent a milestone in the ability to remove the ink from an inkjet sheet.

“We do these kinds of trials on a regular basis but we were surprised with the levels of deinking that were possible with the Jet Press 720 samples. These types of results are in the same league as those achieved with the best offset inks but we’ve never before seen such a great result with inkjet print.” Axel Fischer, INGEDE.



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