Rotary Screen RN

Rotary Screen RN is a high gloss UV ink system specifically designed for rotary screen label printing.

Wide range of Substrates Rotary Screen RN inks have been developed for use on a wide range of synthetic substrates including most grades of corona treated PE and PP, PVC, top coated PE and PP, and PET. Wide Printing Latitude Rotary Screen RN inks have reliable intercoat adhesion and are compatible with most hot foils. Gloss and flow are excellent at a wide range of press speeds. PANTONE®* Matching System Rotary Screen RN inks have pre-matched formulations for the colours in the coated (‘C’ suffixed) section of the PANTONE® Colour Formula Guide. These formulations have been individually colour matched, and proof printed onto label stock using commercial printing presses.


*PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

  • Specifically designed for rotary screen label printing
  • Dedicated PANTONE® formulations
  • Optimised rheology for all common rotary screen types including Stork RSI and Gallus Screeny
  • High gloss finish with excellent hold out
  • Fast cure for high production output
    • UV Flexo Inks