3.5-inch Wide LCD & Dual Direction GUI

The dual image display makes the operation easy and smooth. Get in touch with a new way of enjoying photos.

Dual Image Display

FinePix Z800EXR automatically detects how you are holding the camera and rotates the display to portrait or landscape view. Hold it sideways and the view automatically switches to landscape view. Hold it vertically and the display changes to portrait view.

Touch and Shoot

With the FinePix Z800EXR you don't need to press the shutter button to focus on your subject. Simply touch the LCD screen and you can focus and capture an image in an instant.


3.5-inch Touch Screen boasts one of the largest class displays making framing and viewing your shots a pleasure with high visibility icons. Easily browse through libraries with a swipe of a finger and organize images with a touch.

Multi Frame Playback

Viewing photos with this function makes your search extremely easy as viewing them. Search through your photos by touching the thumbnail while the selected photo appears enlarged for clearer view.

Image Search

The FinePix Z800EXR doubles up as an image library. Image search lets you quickly and easily find photos of a particular subject or date. You can search by Face, by Date, by Type of Data, or by Scene, by Favorites and by photos you've marked to upload.

By Date

Viewing your saved photo image by date, making it easy to locate specific events or occasions.

By Face

All your portraits can be selected and replayed based on composition: group photos, couple pictures, close-up or face recognition.

By Favorite Rank New

Quickly search favorite pictures depending on the rank.

By Scene

Photos shot with Auto, EXR AUTO, or Dog / Cat mode can be replayed according to the type of scene: portrait, landscape, night scene and so on.

By Type of Data

Display the content of your image library according to the type of data: still photos, edited images, or movie footage.

By Upload Mark

Photos or movies which you have marked to upload on YouTube/FACEBOOK.

Four Stylish Colors

The FinePix Z800EXR comes in four stylish unique colors to choose from. Bring color into your style in addition to the thin and compact body of touch.

460,000 dots High Contrast 3.5-inch LCD

Featuring high contrast for a brighter display and 460,000 dots of resolution for easy reading of icons, menus and, of course, exceptional image viewing quality, the large 3.5-inch LCD sets FinePix Z800EXR apart in the ultra-compact class.

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