FDR D-EVO plus C24i

Die kabellose DR-Kassette im Format 24x30 cm speziell für die Kinderradiologie. Extrem dosissparend, arbeitet ohne Generatoranschluss.

Die DR-Kassette für die speziellen Anforderungen in der Kinderradiologie: Sie ist klein, benötigt deutlich weniger Strahlendosis und sie ist kompatibel mit den gängigsten Inkubatoren.

Die Fujifilm DR-Kassette FDR D-EVO plus C24i verwendet Cäsiumjodid (CsI) als Szintillatormaterial. Der Vorteil von Cäsiumjodid ist die kristalline Struktur, in der das Licht weniger gestreut wird. Zusammen mit der von Fujifilm entwickelten ISS-Technologie sinkt der Dosisbedarf im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Detektoren erheblich bei gleichzeitig höherer DQE und MTF.

Alternativ stehen die Kassetten auch ohne WLAN-Modul und Batterie mit permanenter Kabelverbindung zur Verfügung.


  • Format: 24x30cm
  • Szintillator: Cäsiumjodid (CsI)
  • ISS-Technologie: höhere DQE & MTF bei niedriger Dosis
  • Smart Switch-Technologie: automatische Detektion der Röntgenstrahlen ohne Generatoranschluss

Small and lightweight, a perfect fit for orthopedic to neonatal exams

The 24×30cm cassette is just the right size for small patients and anatomy such as extremities, shoulders, c-spines and more. Its size is a perfect fit for the NICU and neonatal isolette trays and its light weight makes it a must have for patients to safely hold for sunrise knee exams.

If your focus is in reducing dose, the benefits of CsI with ISS are significant

As always, Fujifilm has taken this cassette DR technology a step further in image quality by combing the inherent benefits of CsI with Fujifilm's exclusive ISS technology. FDR D-EVO CsI with ISS is the perfect solution for dose conscious imaging.

Dynamic visualization

To take full advantage of DR's dynamic range capabilities. Fujifilm has created a new full spectrum optimization with dynamic-range control processing. This processing fully utilizes all of the exposure data captured and optimizes its image recognition output.

Quick preview

Images preview in as few as 1 second after an exposure, and cycle times for sequential exposures are as little as 8 seconds. So patients experience faster exams and treatment and technologists can achieve faster, more efficient workflow.

“SmartSwitch” Technology Fujifilm developed a new technology

“SmartSwitch” which allows automatic X-ray detection.

With “SmartSwitch,” FDR D-EVO no longer requires connection between the X-ray generator and DR power supply unit to automatically detect X-rays and start image creation.

Robust design

This cassette is designed to be tough offering a uniformly distributed load capacity of up to 310 kg. Even on any point of the cassette, the load can be up to 160 kg. Such robustness enables even a heavy part of the body to be placed on the cassette for examination.

Energy-saving mode

A special energy saving feature allows up to 7.5 hours of use from a fully charged battery. More than any other wireless flat panel detector available today. The battery type is the same as our standard full size FDR D-EVO models and is very easy to change.

Console Advance

In addition to the familiar basic operation, new gradation design monitor and the intuitive arrangement of operation buttons make it possible to check and confirm information quickly and accurately. The image display area on the display monitor is larger, and enables easy checking of diagnostic images. An optional touch panel monitor ensures quick and accurate operation.

  • Both FDR D-EVO and FCR readers can be connected simultaneously thus reducing space requirements in the X-ray room
  • Workflow is streamlined by removing the need for duplication of data entry
  • Utilizing a common set of processing algorithms, consistent results are produced from both FCR and FDR D-EVO allowing for easier image management
  • Single user interface with other FUJIFILM DR and CR devices