Ultrasound Technology

The Fujifilm ultrasonography processor SU-1 is equipped with advanced ultrasound technology in a compact body.


  • High performance signal processing thanks to newly developed MPU(Micro processing unit)
  • Sharp and less noise image thanks to Fujifilm original high performance image processing
  • Various imaging modes like Contrast Harmonic Imaging, Elastography and sound speed correction


High-resolution B-mode imaging
With a new ultrasonic wave transmission and reception design, the SU-1 realizes high-resolution B-mode images with the aim of enabling more accurate and efficient ultrasonography diagnoses.

Contrast Harmonic Imaging
Images are created by extracting and emphasizing higher harmonic signals reflected from the injected contrast agents, assisting in the detection of tumors and abnormal growths.

Relative stiffness of the tissue is visualized as a color distribution map by way of calculating the distortion of the tissue caused by external compression or inner vibration, and displaying disparities in stiffness levels as different colors.