ZK12x25 (25-300mm)

T3,5-3,85 leichtestes 12x PL
Das komplett neue 25-300mm deckt mit seinem 12x Zoom einen sehr großen Brennweitenbereich ab. Es wiegt lediglich 8,4kg und kann optional mit einer abnehmbaren Motorsteuerung geliefert werden.

The all-new ZK12x25 offers the industry-leading zoom ratio of 12x to cover the most frequently-used 25mm wide angle to 300mm on the telephoto end. With its advanced optical performance supporting 4K cameras, the lens delivers premium image quality across a versatile range of shooting scenes. The ZK12×25 features high-precision large-diameter aspheric elements, designed with Fujifilm’s proprietary cutting-edge optical simulation GO-Technology.

Main features:

  1. (1) Advanced optical performance

  • Offering advanced optical performance that supports 4K cameras; Using high-precision large-diameter aspheric elements, designed with cutting-edge optical simulation technology
  • Compatible with the “Super 35mm” image sensor*1, which is the current mainstream in digital cinema cameras
  • Achieving sharpness at the center as well as all corners while controlling image distortion to deliver edge-to-edge premium image quality even when projected to a large cinema screen
  • Featuring the Flange Back Focus*2 Adjustment Mechanism, used in television camera lenses, for optimized coupling with cameras to draw out the lens’s optical performance to the fullest
  • Using a 9-blade round iris mechanism to achieve the iris shape as round as possible, enabling natural bokeh in images

  1. (2) Broader range of scenes covered with a single lens for substantial improvement in on-site usability

  • Covering the most frequently-used range of focal lengths from 25mm to 300mm for the industry-leading 12x zoom ratio
  • Offering the Macro function that lets you approach objects up to a minimum distance of 59cm, expanding scenes that can be covered with a single lens
  • Accommodating a broad range of scenes to streamline photography and dramatically improve on-site usability

  1. (3) Compatible with (future) optional drive unit*3 

  • Offering compatibility with detachable drive unit for electric zooming focusing and iris; the lens can be combined with the optional drive unit to enable remote control of zooming, focusing and iris (aperture) adjustment. The availability of the Zoom Rate Demand and Focus Position Demand controls means the lens offers the operability equivalent to conventional television camera lenses, making it ideal for shooting movies, commercials, dramas or even providing live TV feed. 

  1. (4) Mechanical design in pursuit of comfort and operability

  • The focus ring with a large 280-degree rotation angle to aid accurate focusing when precision is required; Smooth ring rotation to enable delicate operation
  • The gear rings for focusing, zooming and iris (aperture) adjustment has the pitch*4 of 0.8mm, the same as existing FUJINON cine lenses, for compatibility with standard accessories such as matte box and follow- focus kit.
  • The operating rings for focusing, zooming and iris (aperture) adjustment use a universal design that displays the shooting distance, focal length and T-No. in the original font with excellent visibility for on-site comfort and operability.
  • Luminous paint is used for individual indicators for enhanced visibility in poor light, which is a convenient feature when shooting in low brightness conditions.
  • The focus indicator can be displayed in feet or meters.


  • *1 The ZK12x25 is compatible with the 27.45mm x 15.44mm image sensor.
  • *2 Distance from the lens mounting reference plane (flange) to the sensor
  • *3 future feature
  • *4 Distance between gear teeth

Technische Daten

Blickfeldwinkel 25mm  57°32’ x 34°19’ 300mm   5°14’ x 2°57’
Kameraformat 35mm PL Mount camera
Brennweite 25mm - 300mm
Mindestobjektabstand (M.O.A.) 1,2m
Objektabmessungen am M.O.A. 25mm  937mm x 527mm 300mm  77mm x 43mm
Größe (Durchmesser x Länge) φ136mm x 401mm
T-Nr. T 3.5 (25mm-273mm) T 3.85(300mm)
Gewicht 8.4kg
Zoom Faktor 12x