HD Studio box style lens featuring high optical quality, fast and a quiet and precise servo zoom/focus. PF Precision Focus Assistant System also available as option.


Virtual Connector

Dust Proof & Anti Fogging

Find System

Automatic Compensation of Focus Breathing

Available models:

  • BESM-F Full servo zoom, studio lens
  • BESM-FR Full servo zoom, studio lens, w/ratio conv.
  • BESM-FK Full servo zoom, studio lens, w/PF Precision Focus


  • Elh-112A-*** (***camera type, colour) lens support required


  • MM-21 Analogue full manual remote kit
  • MS-21D DigiPower Manual focus/servo zoom kit*
  • SS-21D DigiPower full servo kit*
  • SS-22D DigiPower full servo kit / w/shot box*
  • SS-23D DigiPower full servo kit / w/shot box on focus demand*
  • * On request a choice of two servo zoom motors are available:

    • ESM-51B: 1 sec. normal high speed
    • ESM-52B: 0.6 sec. extra high speed

  • EPF-196A Protection Glass
  • EA-3A-10A Remote Macro Control Unit

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Leaflet HA27x6.5BESM
(1.13 MB)


Blickfeldwinkel 16:9 Seitenverhältnis (1x Extender) 6.5mm: 72°50' x 45°02' 180mm: 3°03' x 1°43'
Blickfeldwinkel 16:9 Seitenverhältnis (2x Extender) 13mm: 40°30' x 23°25' 360mm: 1°32' x 05°51'
Beschreibung High Definition Studio box style lens
Extender 2x
Brennweite (1x) 6.5 - 180mm (2x) 13 - 360mm
Masse (ohne Linsenkappe) 19.7kg
Maximale relative Blende (F-Nr.) (1x) 1:1.5 (6.5-123mm), 1:2.2 (180mm) (2x) 1:3 (13-245mm), 1:4.4(360mm)
Memo -
Mindestobjektabstand (M.O.A.) 0.6m
Objektabmessungen am M.O.A. 16:9 Seitenverhältnis (1x Extender) 6.5mm: 1053 x 592mm 180mm: 39 x 22mm
Objektabmessungen am M.O.A. 16:9 Seitenverhältnis (2x Extender) 13mm: 527 x 296mm 360mm: 20 x 11mm
Betriebssystem SM
Option -
Größe (Durchmesser x Länge) 236 x 228 x 537mm
Zoom Faktor 27x