High performance power HD Telephoto lens with built-in OS-TECH, ideal for medium to large size venues.


Dust Proof & Anti Fogging

Find System

Advanced Back Focus

OS-Tech Optical Stabiliser

Available models:

  • BESM-5L


  • MM-21 Analogue full manual remote kit
  • MS-21D DigiPower Manual focus/servo zoom kit*
  • SS-21D DigiPower full servo kit*
  • SS-22D DigiPower full servo kit / w/shot box*
  • SS-23D DigiPower full servo kit / w/shot box on focus demand*


Blickfeldwinkel 9.5mm 53°34’x 31°41' 525mm 1°03’ x 0°35’ 19.0mm  28°20’ x 16°09’ when using 2x extender 1050mm 0°31’ x 0°18’
Brennweite 9.5-525mm 19.0-1050mm  when using 2x extender
Maximale relative Blende (F-Nr.) 1.7(9.5mm-308mm) 2.9(525mm) 3.4(19 mm-616mm) 5.8(1050mm) when using 2x extender
Mindestobjektabstand (M.O.A.) 9.5mm   2782 x 1564mm 525mm  51 x  29mm 19.0mm  1406  x 790mm   when using 2x extender 1050mm  26  x 15mm
Größe (HxBxL) 253mm x 253mm  x 876mm 
Zoom Faktor 55x