DAT 72

Die ideale Lösung, wenn Backups und Archivierung großer Datenmengen benötigt werden.

At a Glance

ATOMM™ Technology and DAT 72. Compact and reliable, with superior cost-performance. DAT 72 data cartridges are the ideal solution to high-volume backup and archiving requirements. These 72GB (compressed) capacity, easy-to-handle compact cartridges provide cost efficient backup and long term archiving for years.


  • Capacity: 36GB (native)/72GB (compressed)
  • Transfer rate 3.0MB/second
  • Durability5,000 head passes
  • Built tough for a long working life
  • Low cost, high performance format
  • Reliability & durability enhanced by Fujifilm ATOMM™ Technology
  • Minimal error rate, higher efficiency
  • Media Recognition System (MRS)
  • Smooth, stable transitions